Stephen Strasburg, Witnessing Present and Future Greatness…

A couple of days ago, I was lucky enough to attend Stephen Strasburg's debut game for the Washington Nationals. I always make a point to try to be in big events that I'm interested in, as well as to try to see greatness, either when it happens, or when it has a great chance of happening (before his unfortunate "transgressions" went public, I didn't pass up a chance to see Tiger Woods play golf last year). Therefore, when it was official Stephen Strasburg was to debut yesterday, a kid who has been called by many as this generation's "Nolan Ryan", I had to try to go see this.

And let me tell ya… I wasn't disappointed. From that first start, Strasburg not only lived up to his hype that he created from his success, but he zoomed way passed it! The kid pitched an unbelievable 7 innings, only allowing 2 runs, 4 hits, and zero walks, and most importantly 14 strikeouts. He had unbelievable pitches, clocking a 100+ fastball, and a change-up that's faster than most fastballs. The best thing was, when he faced adversity and gave up the lead by giving up a 2 run homerun, he stepped his game up and struck out 8 of his last 10 (or something like that).

Strasburg threw so many strikeouts, that the group I was sitting near recruited me as part of their "K" group because they only had 8 in their party.

The whole ballpark was going nuts for this kid, and I don't think I've seen anything like this and been so excited just from watching a baseball game (which I usually think one of the more "boring" sports). Heck, a lot of people who have seen a lot of baseball games and sporting events were impressed (Google Bob Costas and try to find out what he thought of this). The energy of the building was just incredible, and as each strikeout and out he recorded, the louder the crowd has gotten. I realized that I was part of something special being in attendance at that game, so much so, that I felt the price that I paid for my ticket to see the game didn't do the game justice, which led me to be willingly ripped of and purchase an overpriced T-shirt to commemorate the event.

this shirt retails for $22 at MLBshop.com, but I paid $34 for it... but I didn't mind because the price I paid for the ticket to this game was not nearly as much as the value I got out of it

I always make it a point to try to enjoy the things you like to do, because it's important to enjoy life the way you see fit, which is the reason why I posted this blog. On top of that, I also think it's important to try to see greatness whenever you can, in whatever field or interest you follow. And the reason why, is because if you see great things happen, it can only motivate you in whatever you may be doing in your life, because you have been reminded that greatness is possible because you have seen it with your own eyes.

But with this eventful debut, Washington Nationals fans (and DC area sports fans in general) have a lot to be excited for in the future. They drafted another possible cornerstone with the #1 pick a day earlier in Bryce Harper, and their young core is starting to shape up. Who knows, maybe Teddy Roosevelt will also win a President's Race. But add that to a lot of the upcoming excitement that is projected to happen to this area's sports teams during the next few years (with the Wizards drafting John Wall with the #1 overall pick in a few weeks, the Redskins kicking off the Shanahan era, and the Capitals continuing to be competitive), DC sports fans in the area, like myself should be excited.

Like I said, if there's something you can take something out of this blog, it is important to never pass up an opportunity to see and be around something that is (or could be) the great. Because once you witness this greatness… it will motivate you to believe and remind you that many things are possible.

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Where Amazing Happens... OBECorp Style

Just wanted to do a quick post...

Since the NBA Finals are starting tonight, I figured it would be a good time to bring back the OBECorp versions of the "Where Amazing Happens" commercials that I created a few years ago when the Lakers last played the Celtics in the Finals. Check em out...

Another avenue of "Out-of-the-Box Empowerment". ;-)

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