Happy Halloween

...from El Ăšltimo.

He is said to be inspired by The Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Delirious, and Spike Dudley. Showed up in a couple of Halloween functions this year. He loves to be loud and obnoxious. See the only wrestling promo he ever recorded.

Not to mention, he stole my championship belt (and my shirt). He steals them every Halloween, and gives it back the day or two after. (He's such a nice guy).
Happy Halloween.


PS: Will do the Redskins Postgame blog tomorrow.


"DC" Skins PREgame #8 - at Detroit - A Win is Needed... I Ain't Lion.

I'm gonna try to keep this short... the Redskins need to win this game.

As this game is played, the Redskins have a huge chance to go into their bye week with a lot of momentum... as they currently have with a 4-3 winning record, a 2-1 NFC record, and they're unblemished at 2-0 in their own division. If they win against Detroit, they will be 5-3, and be alone in 2nd in the NFC East, and only a half-a-game behind the New York Giants for the division lead.

However, they can't afford to look back. The Lions are 1-5, and some people say the Redskins should win this game (since they should be motivated after what happened in Week 3 last year), but it's gonna be far from an easy win. As I said in last week's blog, the Lions have been in every single game they were in, and their win-loss record does not do them justice of how good this team is this year.

And, despite of the 1-5 record, this team has improved from last year. They've drafted a playmaking pass-rusher in defense with Ndamukong Suh, who can potentially have a field day and give McNabb a lot of trouble. They still have Calvin Johnson, who look like he's gotten even better. Their running back Jahvid Best, though struggling currently, is a solid young guy. And on top of that, their quarterback with the big arm, Matt Stafford should be back, who had his way with the Skins last year. Add that to the fact that the gamblers at Vegas are favoring the Lions to beat the Redskins to win by around 3 points, this should be far from an "easy win".

However, do I think the Redskins can rise above all that and pull of a win? Yes I do. Although, I do potentially see McNabb having some problems with the improved Lions pass rush, I do think he'll get some off to his tight ends. Not to mention, as crazy as it may sound, Ryan Torain and the Redskins running attack can have a big game this week. And I do think the Redskins defense will be aggressive against Stafford, and will never get that Detroit running game going. I do think that they will remember the loss from last year, and really use it as fuel to turn up the aggressiveness. Add that to the fact that the Redskins have put someone out in just about every game this year... the Lions may not be an exception, and can potentially hurt someone.

Final prediction... Redskins 27 Lions 19

Like I said, the Redskins really need this win, and the players and the coaches should be up for it. It would not only be great to go into a bye week with a win, but they'll go in as one of the more solid teams in the NFC with a 5-3 record. Add that to the motivation they should have for being humiliated last year, should add up to a Redskins win. Afterward, they can rest up on a long bye week and meet the Eagles at their homefield on 11/15. If they can pull off the win, it looks like the stars may start to align for a nice run for a playoff spot, or a division crown during the 2nd half of the season.

But, one thing I find interesting is that in this game, two specific players are playing in opposing teams... Kevin Barnes and Jahvid Best. This is what happened the last time these two met (in the college level)...

I doubt this would happen, considering that Kevin Barnes is far down the depth chart for the Redskins, but the fact that these two are on opposing sidelines. I'm kind of surprised this sports potpourri hasn't been mentioned in the airwaves (if it has, I must not have heard it).

Hopefully, I'm right with this prediction. A win really will get people around here very excited for the first half of November, and that's something I'd like to look forward to.



Is Your Rent Too Damn High?

Jimmy McMillan thinks so...

In fact, "Rent is too Damn High" is not only the whole platform that he runs behind, but also the party that he represents. (High rent/cost of living or operation = bad economy, less jobs, hungry kids, poverty = EVIL).

Not to mention, he's a karate expert.

I'm not going as far as saying that he would win (or if a lot of people are going to take him seriously and actually vote for him), but he's definitely gonna get some attention come election day on Tuesday. (If he hasn't done so already, since he's gotten a few million people to watch his debate footage in mere days.)

I do agree with him though... rent is too damn high. Have you seen how much rent costs on average in downtown DC? sheesh



Greeting Your Friends A Happy Birthday...

I feel it's pretty important to greet the people in your life a happy birthday! A birthday is a day when something great happened... you came into this world, and you were given life. I feel it's always important to be thankful, and recognize that.

In fact, in Facebook, so long as your birthday is listed your profile (or even if it's not, and I just happen to know it), I greet you a happy birthday. I don't just do it any other way though, because so long as I can write on your wall, I do it with a personalized greeting (it's personalized to the level that I actually know you) and post it with the following video...

I like to think that I started this social media birthday video greeting craze. (A lot of other people are just starting to get into it recently). As this video said, this is the 3rd version of my personal Facebook birthday greeting (which I change every year on April 1st), and years before Facebook became my networking tool of choice, I used to do this on MySpace.

In MySpace, I had 25,000+ friends, and I managed to do it for everyone who listed their birthdays by initially posting a playlist of my motivational videos on their wall. Then, it evolved to me posting that playlist preceded by the following video...

Like I said, since I had so many friends on MySpace, this became one of my most popular videos. People love to be genuinely greeted a happy birthday, and they will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Unfortunately, I rarely log into myspace anymore, since it's interface is clearly inferior as compared to Facebook. Since my MySpace page is an Artist page, and has over 5,000 fans, it doesn't show the birthdays anymore, therefore I can't greet people a happy birthday on MySpace. However, it's definitely a different story when it comes to my Facebook page. I value the people in my network, and I greet them a happy birthday whenever it's time.
This week I happened to greet a lot of my Facebook friends a happy birthday. Therefore I thought it appropriate for me to do this blog.

But all in all, there's plenty of creative ways to greet your friends a happy birthday on social media, or just generally appreciate them. I am still trying to find a way to do it on Twitter, but apparently, it's not as possible, considering that you don't have to be as personable with your followers, as well as the ones you're following. 

Whatever the case may be, if you know if it's your friend's birthday, take the time to greet them. If you give it some extra kick (by doing something like a video), I'm sure they'll appreciate it that much more. 

Like I said, you can also do something like this even when it isn't someone's birthday. As I always believed... adding value to others' lives, will add value to your own.



Wizards Making Magic in the Commuity

In lieu of the start of the NBA Season today, I just wanted to point something out that my hometown team, the Washington Wizards have done...

Most of the Washington Wizards players, including this year's 1st round pick John Wall, took the time to serve veterans hors d'oeurves and food. That's definitely a great way to show appreciation to those who have served this country, and defend the right for all of us to be our own "destiny choosers".

Normally, I'm skeptical with these "NBA Cares" campaigns, considering that it's done more for positive PR purposes, to build face and credibility, and make themselves look good than they really are. I usually remember this quote from the Bible when I hear about big organizations "giving back" to the community...

Matthew 6:1-4

"Be careful not to do your `acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
But, as the case with the Wizards, I don't think that they aren't doing it so much only to show off they are servants of the community. For years, even before the "NBA Cares" Campaign, they followed the example of their late owner Abe Pollin and did stuff for the community all the time, without announcement and glorification. He has done tons for the DC community, like revitalize what practically was a DC slum into one of the most thriving parts of DC. but it wasn't until Abe Pollin died that we knew most of what he really meant to the community and all the things that he has done. That example follows with his successor, Ted Leonsis.

So with that, I would just like to say enjoy the NBA Season. If you were expecting an NBA prediction blog, I am not going to do one (as I didn't do one for the NHL at the start of their season). The season is just too long, with way too many games played. It takes a lot of work to analyze an NBA season (and even then, the so-called experts don't even to get it right)...



"DC" Skins Postgame #7 - Game Turnover

As I noted while watching this game on Twitter, this Redskins game against the Bears has probably got to be one of the ugliest games I've ever seen. It was so ugly, that it was pretty comedic... and I had a lot of moments where I was laughing out loud.

As both teams' records indicate, this was a close game. However, I thought that more points were actually going to be scored. Cutler clearly has the capability to throw the ball and run up the score if given the protection, and I thought Donovan McNabb would put in a better performance than he had put, since he was playing in his hometown. Instead of an offensive performance on both sides of the ball, what we got is a low-scoring, and sloppy, defensive, turnover-laden game.

During the 1st half, the Redskins were dominating the field position battle, and usually got the ball on or around mid-field to start off possessions. However, they couldn't finish off drives, by either having 3-and-outs, or by turning over the ball when they were in enemy territory. The Bears D kept it close for the 1st half, and one interception by them put them over on the scoreboard come halftime (despite being dominated statistically by the Redskins).

In the 2nd half, the Bears seemed to have all the momentum, and they were moving the ball up and down the field. However, it was their turn to be sloppy. The Redskins defense (most notbably, Albert Haynesworth), caused a key goal line fumble that prevented the Bears from going up 21-10. But despite the opportunity, the Redskins offense didn't really capitalize and didn't move the ball deep enough out of their own territory to give the Bears bad field possession after a punt.

The Bears still continued to move up and down the field, however the Redskins defense kept showing up. DeAngelo Hall (the Redskins quarterback), kept on picking off Jay Cutler, and he ended up with 4 interceptions to end the day (which ties an NFL single-game record). One of those interceptions was taken all the way back for a touchdown, and gave the Redskins the lead. 

But even though the Redskins defense kept giving the offense opportunities, they failed to capitalize. As either McNabb immediately gave the ball right back by throwing an interception, or they would be relegated to a 3-and-out. Had the offense played a lot better during the game, they would not only had a chance to close the game down the stretch, but this game would not have been close (considering how much advantage the Redskins had in field position).

Overall, both teams' defenses keep their team in the game. They kept it close, and each had more than their share of turnovers. So this game could be classified as "ugly", because of all the turnovers, and all the mistakes. But a lot of people like low-scoring, "ugly" defensive battles in football, so if you're into that, this was the game for you.

I also thought that because of the Bears' offensive line woes, that the Redskins will sack Jay Cutler a lot more. If you checked my twitter, I was actually tweeting each time Jay Cutler got sacked, because I thought he would have gotten sacked a lot throughout the game. In the first 20 minutes of the game, it looked like my prediction was gonna be correct, because Cutler got sacked 3 times. But as the game went on, he was only sacked one more time. I probably should have tweeted the number of turnovers that took place in the game (9 total... 6 on Bears, 3 on Redskins). Or, if I tweeted every time DeAngelo Hall had an interception, I would have matched the Cutler sacked number.

I did say in the pregame blog post, that the winner of this game would look more like an NFC contender. I'll have to retract on that statement, because the Redskins have not really separated themselves from the "midcard" of the NFC. Seems like the defense may start adjusting to the scheme, but when the offense is not firing, and the running game is stalling (as it has been all year), then their chances of winning will go down significantly. Not to mention, the Redskins have yet to have a "statement game", in which there was no question that they were truly the better team on the field.

But, I will say that this was a good win. It was an important win that they had to get, because it's a win inside the NFC, and could play in down the stretch when it comes to tie-breakers. It was also a win against a team that played well so far in the season, and had a decent record with some wins against quality opponents. 

However, as good this win is, next week's game against the Detroit Lions actually worries me A LOT. Detroit has been a laughing stock of a franchise during a good part of the decade, but it seems they are slowly starting to turn things around. They are currently 1-5, but they're record is not indicative of how good this team could be, or actually is. They were pretty much in every game they were in (4 out of their 5 losses were by one possession), and they destroyed the Rams, which were a team that manhandled the Redskins earlier this season. Their rookie Ndamukong Suh seems to also be paying dividends for that defense. To add on, the Redskins seem to play down to their competition. If the Redskins looks at this team's record, and happens to take them lightly, especially if they are picked to be favorites (which they may be, because of their superior record), they are going to get embarrassed. But to make matters worse, the Lions will be coming off of their bye-week, which means they will be well-rested and probably be healthier than they have been all year. They might have their starting QB back, Matthew Stafford, and he picked the Redskins apart last year as a rookie to end the Lions' infamous 17-game losing streak.

I'll talk more about the Lions' next week. For now, Redskins nation can enjoy this win, as this was a hard fought win. They have to continue to work hard, and keep the momentum going. This area is so tied with this team, that if the Redskins continue to win (no matter what the circumstance), this area remains happy. 

Got to keep the happiness going.



"DC" Skins PREgame #7 - at Chicago - Contender or Pretender?

For the Redskins, this game against Chicago has to be the biggest non-divisional game they've had this year. They are 3-3, and the Chicago Bears are 4-2. If you check at various power rankings, most "experts" will have these two teams ranked close to each other. More importantly, this game would put a bit of separation between the "midcard" (to put it in pro-wrestling terms), against the headliners of the NFC. To put it in layman's terms, this game will make the losers look like pretenders, and the winners look a little more like contenders possibly in line for a "push".

So, to break it down...

To win this game, the Redskins have to continue the ground game going. Ryan Torain had a pretty good game last week against Indianapolis. Although, as I said before, the Colts, have historically had bad run defenses. Chicago's defense, in my estimation, should be a bit tougher (as they have 3 playmakers in Urlacher, Briggs, and Peppers). So, if Torain doesn't have a good a game as he had last week, there shouldn't be a surprise. On the other end, they shouldn't allow big plays to opposing running backs (who happen to be slumping). During the past two weeks, Brandon Jackson of Green Bay, and Joseph Addai from Indy, who managed to be slumping, caught the Redskins in big plays. Matt Forte of the Bears is also slumping in the ground, and if the Redskins somehow let him get off the snide for this game, it may be tough.

But the most important key to the game, I feel, is that the Bears offensive line is allowing the most sacks against their quarterbacks, 29 total. Their starter Jay Cutler, got sacked 23 times alone. If the Redskins can take advantage of this and keep this going, and not give Cutler the opportunity to use that strong arm of his to find his receivers, and make him look like Peyton Manning, the Redskins are going to be picked apart.

An X-Factor for the Bears, would be their returner Devin Hester. He's returned a few back for touchdowns this year, and seems to be back in the saddle when it comes to his return game. One interesting storyline they've talked about in regards to Devin Hester as it relates to this game, is that he has a chance to beat the record of Brian Mitchell (a Washington Redskins alumni) when it comes to returning punts.

With that being said, I do feel the Redskins will do enough to win. If Haynesworth is back (which early reports say that he will be), there will be a huge body eating double teams from that bad offensive line, and the pass rush will definitely get to Cutler. And if that's the case, the Redskins will definitely get a few sacks, and possibly get some picks and add on to their turnover ratio. The Redskins offense may have some troubles against this defense, but I feel they will do enough in this game to score more than the opponents. As far as the "X-Factor" is concerned, I do believe that the Redskins would shut down Devin Hester and not let them break Brian Mitchell's record.

Final prediction: Redskins 31 Bears 21

I do feel the Redskins need this game more than the Bears, because if they lose, they'll be 3-4, with a worse chance of recovering in a competitive division (in which 2 teams are currently tied for 1st at 4-2), than the Bears who will be at 4-3 at a competitive, yet recently slumping division (Packers lost 2 in a row, and the Vikings had a slow start). Hence, I'm picking the Redskins win. It's not necessarily gonna be an easy game, but I do think they should win.

Hopefully, when all is said and done, my hometown team will look more like a contender than a pretender.



The Old Washington Senators are Going to the World Series...

As you may know by now, I am a hardcore DC sports fan, so I just thought I'd mention that an old throwback Washington DC team is going for a world championship. 

The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series.
For those who don't know, they used to be the old school Washington Senators before they left for Texas in the 1960s. They've never made it to the World Series since moving to Texas, until tonight. So you can't help but applaud them.

With that being said, I should not like this team, since it left DC decades ago for Texas. However, since I wasn't in America (much less on this Earth) during that time, the animosity isn't there, and it wouldn't affect me that much. And since they beat the Yankees (the team that tries to buy a championship every year) and use ginger ale to celebrate instead of champagne, more power and bonus points go to them!

However, if the San Francisco Baseball Giants happen to pull off the NLCS against the Phillies, I will root for the Giants. Out of all the teams remaining, they have the least amount of reasons for me to root against them. Not to mention, I got to see my home team Nationals beat them during my birthday, so it would be somewhat of a consolation to see them in the World Series.

So congrats to the Washington Senators... err, Texas Rangers. Definitely well deserved, and a first time for everything!



Movie Review: The Blind Side

I haven't done many movie reviews in this blog (if I've done any at all), but I feel I should do one. (Maybe I'll do more... who knows). But, I finally got to see "The Blind Side", because it finally debuted on HBO this month.

For most of you who don't know about this movie, to briefly summarize it (without spoiling it), it is based on the true story of Michael Oher, a big, athletic, but homeless teenager from the projects, who was sympathized and brought in by a wealthy Memphis family. Michael at first was reluctant to speak to anyone about his past, but as the movie goes on, the family (most especially the matriarch Leeann, played by Sandra Bullock) tries to get to know him, and eventually accepts him as one of their own. And as all of this was happening, we find out that Michael is a very gifted football player, who becomes one of the most coveted offensive lineman recruits in the country.

As far as inspirational sports dramas, this is a good one. As I said, I'm not going to spoil this movie (although, many have already seen it). After seeing it, I can see why this movie garnered the positive reviews that it did. Unlike many token inspirational sports movies, it didn't have the token ra-rah speech that is supposed to get you pumped. Don't get me wrong, a lot of times, I do appreciate those speeches... but this movie simply didn't need it. The story and character development alone was very inspirational, and made the movie outstanding. The humanity and personality of the characters jumped out of the screen, and you really started to care for the characters, as well as the story. Sandra Bullock did an excellent job portraying Leann Tuohy, and based on her performance, it was no wonder that she won an Academy Award for that role.

Maybe the fact that it was based on a true story made the characters and story more relatable (well, to me anyway). I felt that the fact that a good amount of the movie was real, made it more real to me, and something that can relate to your situation. Like I said, Michael Oher is a real person, and his "rags to riches" story about how he was brought up by the Tuohys is real... as he is now the starting offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Even though Hollywood may have slightly changed/twisted the story a bit to make it more fit for the silver screen (as what they usually do in films based on true events), you can still feel the authenticity of this story.

But other from this movie being inspirational, it also had it's moments that would make you laugh, cry, or make you feel other emotions. Which is why overall, I think this movie is a pretty good movie, and that I would recommend you rent the DVD or check it out on HBO if you haven't yet done so. I can't give a "star rating" like the typical movie critic (since I don't consider myself an "official" one), but I would say that it is a pretty good movie that is worth your and your family's time if you need your heart strings pulled on. 



"DC" Skins Postgame #6 - Can't Stop the Colt Train

I would have done this blog shortly after the game, but I was sleepy and went straight to bed shortly after. But, this blog is just in time for lunchtime, and you could choose to read it since a popular topic around the DMV during break time would usually be how the Redskins played the day before. It could definitely add some new insight on your discussions.

If I could simply put it, if there was a game that would be considered a "good loss", in my opinion, this game would be it. For most of the game, Peyton Manning was what he usually is... a smart, calculating, quarterback with a high football IQ that can pick apart defenses at will. However, the Redskins defense exceeded my expectations in this game, forced key turnovers, had key stops, and kept it close. They did what they can do to keep Peyton Manning off the field and give the offense as many opportunities as they can, which included sacking Peyton Manning deep in Colts territory to cause a fumble which eventually led to a score. As I previously predicted, I thought the Colts offense would put up 30+, but they held them under 30, which was a win in itself.

However, contrary to what I just said, a lot of people would blame the defense for this loss, most especially, the secondary for allowing a few big plays (including one touchdown), and not catching interceptions. It would have been great to have those interceptions (and the result would have probably been different if that was the case), but defensive backs are not paid to catch balls. They are paid to mess up plays, and make sure the opposing offense doesn't go forward. Picks and turnovers are usually considered "icing on the cake", and it's the offense's job to score points. But, they have had 3 turnovers, so there's not much more you could really ask from them. Not to sound like an apologist, but although many people would blame the Redskins defense for losing the game, it's not simply the case.

In my opinion, the offense was more to blame for the loss. Don't get me wrong, they've had a solid game also. As expected, the running game seemed to have woken up playing a historically bad Colts run defense. Not to mention, Donovan McNabb led the offense to two long touchdown drives. But, it was down the stretch and when it mattered when the offense did not produce. When the Colts got greedy and decided to pass under the two minute warning to seal the game, the Redskins defense stopped them and held them to a 3-and-out. The Redskins offense got the ball back with the opportunity to tie or win the ball game. However, the Redskins didn't respond and was held to a 3-and-out of their own, which all but sealed the game for the Colts. (Sure, they had their remaining two timeouts left, and had a chance to hopefully get a last second touchdown with one big play, but more often than not, the odds weren't on their side, as the game ended with an interception.)

However, in my opinion, Redskins fans still can't feel bad about this loss. The Redskins played an all-around complete and balanced game. Unfortunately, they just played it against a pretty good team, and a very smart and a future hall-of-fame quarterback, so it just wasn't enough. Nobody likes a loss though, so there's definitely understanding that there will be some disappointment during the next few days here in the DMV. However, I will say that if they keep this kind of effort up in the next two weeks on the road (and not play down) against a improved and solid Chicago Bears team, and a much improved Detroit Lions team whose record isn't indicative of their performance, then they have a solid shot of taking a 5-3 record into their bye week, in time for a big Monday night divisional matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles (who destroyed a good Falcons team this week, and in my estimation, may already have Michael Vick back).

However, they just need to take it one game at a time. They have Chicago up next. And if they can build on the positives from this game, the Redskins can continue building that momentum and can possibly become one of the more solid teams in a wide open NFC.

But aside from this game, there were a lot of great games that were shown in my viewing area this week. The Baltimore Ravens lost a close one to the New England Patriots in overtime. Both teams played well and I thought it was going to end in a tie. But as good as Joe Flacco has played in this game and as much as he has grown in the past few years, we've seen why Tom Brady has earned the reputation he has now. As for the afternoon game, the Vikings pulled off a close victory against the Dallas Cowboys. This was a good game, and you can tell that both teams really wanted to win this game. I'm not a fan of either team, but as a fan of football, I enjoyed watching it. But as a Redskins fan, I had to be especially happy of the result, since the Dallas Cowboys stay in last place of the NFC East. But, it's already close to mid-season, and the quality of football should pick up (if it hasn't already). 

So until an entertaining NFL Week 7...



"DC" Skins PREgame #6 - vs Indianapolis - Man(ning) Up

After last week's win, Redskins Nation feels good. They are 3-2, coming off consecutive wins over 2 teams that most people didn't give them a chance with, they played hard when it counted, and shut down a couple of high powered offenses down the stretch. Therefore, Redskins fans felt pretty good all week, and they have all the confidence in the world against the Colts.

I, on the other hand, probably wouldn't be as confident as every Redskins fan in this area. This Colts team really worries the heck out of me. Considering how much Donovan McNabb got hit last week by Clay Matthews, Dwight Freeney has the potential to do the same and leave Donovan sore the next day. Not to mention, overall, the defense has been solid this year, while the Redskins offense still lacks a running game, doesn't scare anyone in the passing game (and outside of Cooley and Moss, doesn't have a weapon that can scare you), and they've had issues with the offensive line.

As far as the Colts offense, they are still solid, and solid for one reason... Peyton Manning. No matter who you give him at receiver, he will find a way to use him, and make him a threat, (with Pierre Garcon, and Austin Collie being prime examples). Not to mention, they still have a solid wide receiver in Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark. And though the Colt running game hasn't been on par this year, it's probably as solid as the Redskins (if not, more threatening than the Redskins').

The Redskins do have a chance in this game though. The Redskins defense has been great when it mattered, especially late in games. They got pressure on the quarterback, and got key stops. If the Redskins can keep this up for most of the game, continue to get to Manning and get key stops, they have a great chance of winning. However, it would be a tough task, because Manning is such a great quarterback, and can direct an offense like no other QB in the game today. Technically, he's his own offensive coordinator. And as good as Aaron Rodgers is, and was last week until he was shut down by the Redskins in overtime, in my opinion, Manning is in a different level. He has been in the dance for a while... and have a tall task in shutting him down.

But, the best way to shut down that offense is to keep it off the field. As I said last week, it is CRUCIAL they find a running game and find some balance in that offense. Historically in the last few years, Indy has been weaker on the run. If they can keep the ball on the ground, play ground control offense, and pass when they need to... they can wear this Indy defense down, and more importantly, keep Peyton Manning and that offense off the field. If they do all this, the Redskins have an AWESOME chance of winning.

Many fans, and even prognosticators and radio hosts in this area are high on the Redskins, and feel they have a nice shot at winning this game. They feel the Skins have a lot of momentum going for them, their defense have been playing well, and they will ride this high to hold off Peyton Manning and the Colts (who have not been as impressive as they have been last year) at primetime. 

Although I do think the Redskins have a shot at winning this game, I don't think it's a big shot. Honestly, I do think that Manning would be too much. He has a high quarterback IQ and may figure out the Redskins and how to pick them apart. Not to mention, although the Redskins offensive line is healthier they have been than the past three weeks, I still think they are too banged up to contain the playmakers in the Colts' defense. So here's my prediction...

Colts 31, Redskins 24

I do think the Redskins will score some points, but the Colts will outscore them by a touchdown. I think Peyton Manning and his weapons will be too much for the Skins defense, and the Colts defense will be too much for McNabb, unfortunately.

However, I will say that an another reason I'm picking the Colts to win, is for reverse psychological purposes. I want the Redskins to win, and the past few weeks, I have been wrong more than I am right (regarding football prognostication). I'd be glad to admit I'm wrong if I'm proven wrong.

So to the Redskins, please prove me wrong. Hope they show me that Peyton Manning wouldn't be the calculating beast that I portrayed him to be in this blog entry.


How I did 3000 pushups in a day

Last time I wrote a blog a few days ago, I said that I planned on doing 3000 pushups that day. And, if I succeeded in doing so, that I will evaluate my experience in my next blog entry.

I completed my task, and a promise is a promise. Therefore, I will do my duty and chronicle my experience of how I completed such a monumental task. I do regret, that I didn't do this right after the experience. I was tired, not only because of the large amount of pushups, but I also had my hands full with kids the next couple of days...

First of all, when I woke up in the morning, I told myself that I will do 3000 pushups for the day. It's been a while since I've done so, and I have really slacked off since doing 511,000 pushups in 2009. It was a good way to get some of that mojo back, considering, that this was a bit of a slow year for me.

Last year when I did more than half-a-million pushups, I would usually have 500 pushups done before noon, and I would average about 1400 pushups a day. It didn't start off that way, when I woke up, I've done 100 pushups when I made the decision to accomplish this task, and 100 more after breakfast. Then I didn't do anymore pushups until lunch time. I got caught up in a bunch of other tasks, that I didn't start picking it back up until around the afternoon.

So, come around 4:00pm, I got a bunch of the stuff that I needed to do finished, and I could focus more on doing pushups. So from there, since I was focused, I've done 100 pushups every few minutes or so. I've done a lot in a span of an hour or so, but I had to try to keep my form and breathe right, so I had to focus and slow down a bit. By 5:30 pm, I reached the 1000 mark.

After reaching the 1000 mark, I didn't want to burn myself out too quickly, so I knocked off 300 more in the next hour and a half. So, at around 7:00pm, my pushup count was at 1300.

At 7:00pm, a Washington Capitals game came on in TV. Last year, I made it a habit, that when a Caps hockey game came on in TV, I will do 900 pushups during the course of every game. I would do 300 each period... 100 before the period starts, 100 during the under 10-minute television timeout, and 100 after the intermission horn sounded. That would lead to 900. If there was overtime, I would do 100 more pushups some time after the game is over (not immediately, if game ends in sudden death rather than shootout). So, in a course of one hockey game, I would up to 1000 pushups. This explained why I was able to do so many pushups last year.

But, after the hockey game (which in case you were wondering, the Capitals won), I had 800 more to do. It was around 9:30pm, I was tired, a bit sore, but I wasn't sure if I was going to do it. Then, I told myself, if I can get at least a couple hundred every hour before I go to bed, I should be able to get it done. I was watching reruns of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nicktoons, Southpark, and sports highlights and if I did 100 during a course of a 30 minute episode, I should be okay.

I promised myself that I wouldn't go to bed until I reached my goal. Because that was the case, I ended up going to bed late. I actually dozed off on the couch before midnight, and was still 200 short of my goal. After midnight, I woke up knowing I didn't finish my goal yet. Therefore, I did 100 as soon as I woke back up, and roughly about 30 or so minutes later, around 12:45 am, I done my last 100.

(In case you don't believe me, I logged a lot of my progress on this pushup quest on Twitter. Check the October 13th tweets).

So, there you go... that's my journey for doing 3000 pushups. It wasn't hard, and the reason why it wasn't was because I had a decent system of when to do the pushups, and tie doing some of my reps to doing something I enjoy (such as watching hockey and cartoons). For the other reps, I just had to keep telling myself that I had a goal to accomplish, and I would set my mind on that goal until I accomplished it.

However, if you're reading this, I do recommend that you train yourself to do pushups first, and not take on such a monumental amount of 3000 pushups in a day to start off. It took me about a couple of years for me to attempt this feat. (I first and only other time I attempted it, was last year, when I accomplished my personal best of 3700 pushups). You have to habitually program yourself to do a lot of pushups and get it in your "muscle memory" before you can attempt an amount like this.

So, that's how I did 3000 pushups. I know that with a lot of hard work you can do it too...

However, believe it or not, if doing pushups isn't your forte, you can apply this to any goal you want to accomplish. If you have a monumental goal to accomplish, try to tie it to something that you like to do (or have to do), and set your mind to that goal until you accomplish it.

How's that for Out-of-the-Box Empowerment?



Me Doing Pushups...

Just for fun, here's a video of me doing some pushups...

And here's a picture of me doing those pushups forever...

I did those pushups using the "Perfect Pushup". As I referenced before somewhere in this blog, I did more than 500,000 pushups in 2009. 

I am doing this blog, for motivational reasons (for me). I'm actually trying to do 3000 for the day today. I've really slacked off in pushups this whole year as compared to last year, so this is my way of getting back in it. As I'm typing this, I have done 2400 for the day, and have 600 more to do between now, and before I go to bed (probably some time after midnight).

Anyway, I'll blog about my results, as well as a little bit more detail about why I'm doing this challenge in my next blog. As of now, I still have a lot of work to do in the next couple of hours.



One Way to Be the Best in the World at What You Do...

...is to be the only one in the world who can do what you do.

I've always believed in this. You have to be unique, and differentiate yourself (and what you do) from everyone else, so much so, that no one else can do what you do. 

Even if a talent is a "general" talent, you can still be the best in the world at it. For example, anyone can cook, but not anyone can fry chicken with in a very unique and unforgettable way. Colonel Sanders found out how to it with 3 secret spices, and launched Kentucky Fried Chicken with his "Original Recipe". He became the best in the world at cooking chicken in that manner (not in general... although, that can be argued). If you put your own unique twist on something you do every day, and you can do it like nobody else in the world can... then you will be the best in the world at what you do.

That's how I approach a lot of things in life, whether it be speaking, marketing, etc. Lord knows I'm not the best in the world at any of those things if you look at it from a general point of view. However, most people who have seen my work know that I do things so differently, that they don't know how to "classify" me, and stick me in my own category. Therefore, since I'm the only one in my own niche, I'm the undisputed best person at it.

The concept may be a little hard to fathom, but if you think about it, it's kind of simple to grasp. To be declared the best at anything, you usually have to win a race to earn the right to be called the best. It's easier to win the race if there aren't many horses in the race (much less... if you are the only horse).



OBE's Twitter = Glorified Status Update Thought Portal


A lot of people know that I haven't always been a big advocate of Twitter. I have always preferred Facebook more, because it makes it easier to keep up with people in your network. I've always felt that twitter was more of a glorified status update, and in a way, is a little colder than Facebook, because the people you connect with doesn't necessarily have to connect with you.

However, if you have been following me on Twitter during the past few days, I've been using it a lot more. Since it kind of is a "glorified status update", I will use it as a more intimate thought portal of all sort of updates. Whatever is on mind, whatever I might be doing, I will try put it in my twitter (so long as it is appropriate and won't have serious future repercussions on me). It could be about business, it could be about motivation, it could be about sports... whatever. It will even give you a more frequent, and a more intimate look of what might be on my mind, and what I like to talk about, no matter how fun (or boring) you think it might be. All my feeds will also automatically feed into my twitter (whether it be this blog, or other things I post on the internet). I'm thinking that's what the original creators of Twitter had in mind as how to use this website, when they came up with that idea.

Though I will use Twitter in this manner, I will keep Facebook a less-cluttered haven for important updates for the people I've connected with. I'm proud to say, I have met, and know most of the people on my Facebook account, and want to use that website for special updates and make it easy for the people to follow my profile and are genuinely interested in what I do to easily interact with me. On the flip side, I interact with my Facebook friends too, and having my profile less cluttered will help me do just that. I want to continue to use Facebook as a place to interact (after all, you can't greet "Happy Birthday"). 

But another "FYI" about Twitter as it relates to Facebook, I also do feed my Facebook status updates on twitter (with the hashtag #fromFB). Therefore, if you want to know about what I'm thinking on Facebook, you'll see it on Twitter too.

So Twitter will be my everything page. It's still on it's "experimental stage" but it will definitely be feeding a lot about me, and you can really get to know me (even my leisure side) from twitter. Don't worry, I will not be keeping my updates "niched" like a lot of so-called marketing experts who are only on social media to try to sell you something... (I'm sure you've seen a lot). Since I haven't been a big advocate of twitter, I unfortunately haven't gotten a lot of followers on it. Whether I get more followers from doing this or not, wouldn't be the main objective of me doing this...

The main reason why I'll be doing this, is because as some kind of "public figure", we have to find better ways to genuinely connect with the world and be more transparent. Connecting through social media provides that. And, frequent updates (no matter how insignificant it may be to the reader), will provide that kind of transparency and help us more become more relatable.

So if you haven't already, follow me on Twitter at @OBECorp. It'll be fun...


"DC" Skins Postgame #5 - Pack It Up

This is definitely one of those games where I don't mind being wrong. Most of what I wrote in the last blog turned out to be untrue, from how the game was going to be played, down to the prediction. As far as these prediction blogs, I will always take a Redskins win over being right.

Got to give it up to the Redskins during this game. They played the game short-handed, with Portis being out with injuries, and with Haynesworth gone from grieving the loss of his brother, and it definitely showed. Portis' absence definitely showed, because that Redskins running game looked like as bad (if not worse) than it has all season. Not only that... but one lesser appreciated fact about Portis, is that he is one of the best pass-blocking tailbacks in the game. He is usually effective blocking linebackers. Up until he got injured late in the game, Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews abused the offensive linemen all day long. As far as Haynesworth, he could have definitely helped against the Packers running game. For example, Green Bay RB Brandon Jackson had a 70+ yard gain in the first quarter, which eventually set up a touchdown. In my opinion, there was no way he would have gotten that with Haynesworth plugging up that D-line. The Packers running game has been bad all year, but the Redskins actually made it look good for 3 quarters.

The Redskins gutted out that win. They came back down 10 in the 4th quarter, and ended up tying the game to force it to overtime. McNabb made some plays through the air (because there was no running game), and wide receiver Anthony Armstrong had a few big catches down the stretch, including a 50+ yard touchdown catch. But more importantly, the defense made a lot of key stops down the stretch when they had to, pressuring Aaron Rodgers, and hit him when it counted. They also got off the field quick, and gave the Redskins offense some opportunities towards the end.

But, with all that being said, there are still major concerns about this Redskins team. They still played pretty bad for 3 quarters. I found this game very hard to watch for most of the game. Aaron Rodgers had his way most of the game, and he was leading that team up and down the field. And like I said a few paragraphs ago, the defense (most especially Clay Matthews) was having their way with the offense for most of the game, and McNabb had his share of hits. Their running game is still pretty bad. Until they find a solid running game, it will be hard to discuss them as a serious contender.

This Redskins team was also fortunate a lot of times. In my opinion, if Green Bay tight end Jermicheal Finley wasn't hurt in that first series, Aaron Rodgers would have had another huge option, and the score might not have been as close. Not to mention, Clay Matthews, who proved to be a Redskins killer all game, was out most of the final quarter, because he got hurt. If he was playing in the end, the offense might not have made the plays they'd have made. And Green Bay was also a "doinked" field goal away from winning the game in the last few seconds of regulation.

However, you can't take anything away from the Redskins defense. They really kept the Skins in the game all day. They held a really solid offensive Packer team to 13 points. Despite the Packers marching up and down the field, they held them to one touchdown, and usually had them kicking field goals. The Packers pretty much won all statistical battles (except final score), and the defense had a lot to do with that. They even had a crucial 4th and Goal-line stand in the game that prevented a touchdown early in the game, which ultimately made a difference in the final score. This defense came up tremendous in overtime, stalling the first drive with a huge sack on Rodgers, and with Redskins safety coming up with a huge interception in Packer territory, that all but sealed the game.

So what next? What does this mean in the next game? Like I said, they really need to find an effective running game. Not having a great running game would be a huge concern in their next game, against a team like the Colts. Everyone who knows football, that the best way to beat the Colts is to keep Peyton Manning and his offense off the field. The best way to do that, is to have a ball-control ground game, which the Redskins clearly don't have right now! As far as the Redskins defense is concerned, although they have been solid in the last two games, they have been bad in the two games previous, allowing 30 points in each of the two losses. Most of the time, a Peyton Manning-led Colts offense can put up 30 points against anyone. However, I would say that one glaring factor about the Colts that could really give the Redskins a chance is that their defense hasn't been great. That defense lost them two crucial division games, and if the Redskins can take advantage of that, by having putting up points early, and have a great running game that will control the clock, then they have a great chance of winning. Not to mention, over the years, the Colts defense was always known for being relatively weak against the run. So, again, it is CRUCIAL that the Redskins find their running game against the Colts.

But, no matter how ugly it was, this was a GREAT win for the Redskins. It keeps them on top of the NFC East, and for now, one of the top teams in the conference. And like I said, it is against a solid team who was one of the favorites to go to the Superbowl early in the season. So to all Redskins fans, definitely enjoy this win. Hopefully, they can continue to build on it, as there are still some tough games in the next few weeks.



10-10-10: A Day of Destiny?

In my opinion, it has been great that we've been having all of these same month/day/year dates since the turn of the millennium. To me, it's pretty serendipitous that we've had these kinds of dates. Some argue that there's something special about these days. People usually try to plan something special during these days... like schedule a big event (like a wedding), try to induce early labor and have a baby, or just do something really great. (In case you don't remember, the Summer Olympics started in China at 8-8-08 two years ago). Many say something good happens during these days. Some are even calling it a "day of destiny".

It's always great to have these "special days". After all, these days only take place 12 times every century. However, in my opinion, days don't have to match the month and years for it to be special. Any day is as great as you make it.


PS: If you were expecting my Redskins postgame blog, I'll do one tomorrow morning. (But, they won, and beat a decent team, so it should be a fun one for me to write). Just thought I'd get this one out of the way first before the day is over.


Mister Rodger's Offensive Neighborhood - "DC" Skins Pregame #5 - vs Green Bay

I haven't really had much of a chance to think about the Redskins game against the Packers. However, being the semi-pro motivational sports blogger that I am, I will still offer my thoughts.

Just at first glance, Green Bay has a high powered passing offense. Not only is Aaron Rodgers is probably one of the best young quarterbacks in the game, but he has a lot of toys to play with at the passing game. He has 4 viable weapons to throw to in his team, and his offensive line has kept him relatively clean. That offense does have a significant hole in their running game though, ever since Ryan Grant was lost for the season earlier in the year. On top of their offense, their defense is decently solid too. They have a great pass defense led by an outstanding corner in Charles Woodson, and they have very good young LBs in Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk. So based on all this, the Redskins have a lot of concerns.

However, I do believe that the Redskins can give this team a competitive game. If the game against Philadelphia last week wasn't an indication of how solid this Redskins team can be when it wants to be, then I'm not sure what is. Although Clinton Portis is out, the Redskins slowly look like they are starting to find their running game, and through Mike Shanahan-like fashion, possibly having a no-name tailback start to produce on the ground for the team. Not to mention, the offensive line is slowly getting healthy again. If you give a chance for McNabb to make some plays, he could really punish you, as he did previously against Dallas and Houston, and last week against Philly.

Although the Redskins look like they can make this game competitive... do I think they can actually win? I honestly think it may be a tough game. Although the Skins are coming off a huge win against a division rival with a lot of confidence and momentum, and even though they have proven they can step up their game when needed, and although the Packers haven't looked that impressive during the last few weeks (especially in their almost loss against the Lions)... realistically, I just see so many obstacles for the Redskins to overcome. They still don't have as many proven weapons as the Packers, and the new defensive scheme still hasn't fully adjusted to it's personnel.

Prediction... Redskins 24 Packers 27

Like I said, I do think that the Redskins should make this competitive, and the game might be decided late in the 4th quarter. However, if the Redskins could steal this game, I do see special teams having to do with that. The Redskins changed to a more solid punter, and the kicker has been pretty solid so far this year. And the return game has big play speed and capability.

If special teams does end up playing a factor and even steal a win for the Skins, then that would be great for Redskins fans, as it would be a huge win against another solid team. And that would be huge considering the next few games they have coming up in the weeks after. I'm hoping that is the case, but we'll see.



OBE and Ovi at the Capitals Convention

In the spirit of the start of hockey season today, I thought that I would briefly evaluate on an experience I had this weekend. I had the privilege to attend the Capitals convention, held by Washington Capitals NHL hockey team. 

Many people would know that I am a huge mark for Washington DC sports. As far as Washington professional hockey is concerned, my appreciation for it is no exception. I do admit that I haven't followed this team as long as many of the die-hards our there, but I have followed them a lot longer than most of the bandwagon fans that has recently followed this team during the past couple of years when the team just started getting good. I have followed this team during their perennial playoff runs, as well as their first Stanley Cup run in the late 1990s, and have been interested with them ever since. From the acquisition by Ted Leonsis, to the signing of Jaromir Jagr (ugh), to drafting of all the young stars, and the eventual rebuild to prominence, I have been followed this team for more than a decade.

Since this team has captured a part of my heart, I figured I'd show some support and attend this event. I wanted to see what it was like. I wasn't able to attend the previous year's convention, and I heard the experience was pretty good. From the revealing of the 2011 Winter Classic Jersey, to the return of Olie the Goalie to the Capitals organization, there were definitely a lot of things to look forward to in this convention. There were also lots of opportunities to take pictures with players, autograph sessions, panel discussions, and even lots of things for the kids (such as games, street hockey, etc). There were also plenty of opportunities for local vendors to showcase their wares.

To get to my experience, I wanted to absorb the atmosphere, do as much as I can, and meet as many players and alumni as I can. In reality, it was a bit impossible to do all that... so I had to narrow it down to a few main objectives to try to accomplish. Meet Alex Ovechkin, shake hands with Ted Leonsis, get some Winter Classic Gear, and hopefully get something for free that my nephew might like. I was able to do 3 out of those 4 things.

After the Winter Classic gear was revealed, I thought I would get some kind of WC paraphernalia. Therefore, I decided to get a John Carlson #74 Winter Classic shirt. This convention was the only absolute place to get gear like this. I also bought a big magnet of the W eagle logo to stick on my car (which along with the Nationals' "DC" logo, is one of my favorite logos in sports).

As far as possibly getting something for my nephew, I was able to snatch a huge Alex Ovechkin poster for him when the cheerleaders were throwing free stuff out. I was about to get him a Slapshot (the Caps' mascot) bobblehead, but some inconsiderate middle-aged man snatched it from my hand when the cheerleader threw it to my direction. I was honestly pretty upset when that happened and was about ready to curse out and fight the old man, since I was going to give it to my nephew and the old man had 3 posters already. However, my pacifistic side got the better of me. Instead of the bobblehead, I was able to get the poster. I did almost hurt myself getting it though, because if grown men are desperate to snatch prizes away from others, then I had to be more aggressive. So, I had to dive to get a prize. I don't know if Joey can appreciate this yet, since he's not the sports fan like I am, but as he grows up and gets more interested in sports, I'm sure he will.

But speaking of Ovechkin, as good as having a poster of him was, I am glad to say that I have had the pleasure of meeting him. I had "meeting an MVP" in my bucket list, so it was important for me to meet him. Therefore, I signed up for a picture opportunity with him. I had to shell out a few extra bucks to do so, but I felt it was worth it. The picture turned out nice. Take a look...

Meeting him ended up being the highlight of my day. And although I slightly upset his reps by doing so (since I apparently held up the line for two very long seconds *sarcasm*), I got to give him that copy of "You Are Awesome". He's already accomplished a lot, so he doesn't need to read it to be reminded of being awesome... but it couldn't hurt. I also did give a copy of the book to one of his lesser known teammates, Mathieu Perreault during the autograph session. Perreault has been re-assigned to AHL's Hershey Bears, so I'm sure it can impact him more if he reads it.

But, as you may guess, the one thing that I didn't get to accomplish was to meet the Caps' owner Ted Leonsis. If you have read this blog previously, you would know how much respect I have for the guy, and I even have meeting him in my bucket list. I wanted to personally thank him for the impact he had in my life, and in philosophies, and I was hoping that I would have gotten him to sign my copy of his book "The Business of Happiness". To me, meeting him would be like meeting Donald Trump for most people. The bright side is, since I do plan on being plugged in to this area and attending a few Caps and Wizards games/events, I'm sure I'll eventually get a chance to meet him.

But, overall, the convention was definitely a great experience. Sure it wasn't perfect, as there were long and confusing lines, crowded areas, rude people and staff members, but it was still a great event that I would recommend that fans of not only the Washington Capitals, but fans of hockey can enjoy. Whatever mistakes they made, will eventually be corrected the following years, knowing the organization that's running it. And as someone who has been around his share of events, and appreciate event management and community engagement, I really found this event worthwhile. It can also be a great event to take the kids (so long as they can appreciate it). There's something for everyone.

But, I figured I'd it's appropriate to talk about this experience, not only because the NHL season started today and I'm pumped about it... but also to again remind all my readers that it is important to do what you like, invest in your interests, meet your heroes, and have as much fun as you can. And in some points, if the situation isn't the best, you still have to make the best of it. Out-of-the-box empowerment? You're damn right it is.

OBE and Ovi? You bet! No 6 degrees of separation needed here. :-)


PS: Let's go Caps!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I hope you have your pink and proudly displaying it.

Many people know how much this cause hits my heart. I have been running Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure during the past 3 years, and have been an advocate for this cause and even raised some decent money for this cause. My family has had a history with this disease, and it has even affected my mother. It's a terrible disease, and I would never want to see anyone bear the pain that I've seen my mom bear from this disease. It's undoubtedly one of the most lethal silent killers of women around the world, killing millions of women every year. I bet we all personally know at least one person that has been directly affected with breast cancer.

This disease really hits my heart close, so much so, that I was compelled to even created my own breast cancer awareness promotional product. I give these out to anyone who has joined me in the cause to fight breast cancer and making a donation. (See the page for details).

I just wanted to write this to remind everyone to wear their pink this month. If you're like me, and feel it's not your kind of color, just remember that it's for a great cause and you're doing it for millions of women around the world... or maybe just one woman you personally know who has been severely affected by this disease. If you don't have any pink to wear, donate any amount of money (big or small) and I'll be glad to send you something to wear.

So with that, don't forget to wear your pink this month. It's definitely appropriate, it's for a great cause, and you definitely won't be less of a man (if you are one) for doing so. Millions of women will love you for it.



"DC" Skins Postgame #4 - Mac 5 Race for Redemption

Well, I won't keep this entry long, as you will probably read enough about this game in the blogosphere. But, as far as how much television drama this game produced before, during, and after the game, I would say that it didn't disappoint. This game definitely made for good must-see television.

Pregame started by the crowd cheering McNabb, then quickly jeering him after leading the Redskins to a quick 14-0 lead. Then, Michael Vick, who was arguably the hottest QB in the NFL, gets hurt. Thus, putting Kevin Kolb (the Eagles' original hand picked successor to McNabb) against his former mentor. What a turn of events.

The game ended up being close. The Eagles scored a couple of field goals and a TD (with an unsuccessful 2-pt conversion), and the Redskins added another field goal to make it a 5 point game. And, that's what the final score ended up being... Redskins 17, Eagles 12. 

As far as what I saw in the game, although I'm happy McNabb got his redemption and that the Redskins are momentarily the NFC East division leaders, I felt the Redskins played their usual ugly game. As soon as Vick went out, and Kolb came in, it seemed like the Redskins let up a lot (and in my opinion, played down from not being worried about Michael Vick anymore). And even though this was his homecoming, McNabb did NOT have a good game (~60 passer rating is not going to cut it). They kept dropping interceptions, and the offense really slowed down during the 2nd half... again.

In my opinion, even though Kevin Kolb wasn't overly impressive filling in for Vick (and may not get his starting job back if Vick is good to go next week), I felt he still had a more efficient game than McNabb, and he outplayed him during the minutes when they were directly competing against each other. Kolb moved the ball, he was efficient, and even had a higher quarterback rating. If the Eagles weren't stupid with a lot of their penalties, the Eagles could have won this game. They left a lot of points on the board, and the Eagles could have just as easily won as they lost.

As a Redskins fan, the bright side for my team and it's fans is, that the running game looked significantly better during this game. And overall, as this team adjusts to the schemes, this Redskins team could just get better during the season. Not to mention, this is definitely a win that they can build on emotionally, and carry that emotion into the next few games, which will undoubtedly be very tough (as they play the Packers and the Colts in the next two weeks).

So I'm definitely happy with the result of this game, both as a Redskins fan, and as a general football fan. But, I do feel that they could still play a lot better, and they still have a long long way to go to be considered a serious contender. The next few weeks against the Packers, Colts, and Bears will definitely be a good measuring stick as far as where this team stands.

I will say that I'm equally as glad that many people in the area will be happy this week, and that the Eagle fans I know can't talk smack to me this week. :-)

Til next week...



VickNabb - "DC" Skins Pregame #4 - at Philadelphia

From last week's result, the media and fans around the area have been extremely worried coming into this football game. With the embarrassing, and humiliating loss to St. Louis Rams last week, there's good reason for a lot of worry. 

The Skins are still near the bottom of the league when it comes to their ground attack, and the defense still haven't gotten in sync. Many people say it's the scheme, others say that it's personnel. Maybe, it's a little bit of both.

I was driving home yesterday, and I heard a replay of a Chris Cooley interview on Sports Radio. The radio hosts apologetically (and unintentionally) attacked his team and how they played during the last 5 quarters. Cooley even said that it was disappointing because it was somber in the locker room after the loss, and the whole team probably felt they let Coach Shanahan down. 

However, based from the Cooley's voice inflection and tone during the interview, the Redskins seem confident with their gameplan on Sunday, and he feels that they can really beat their team. Maybe they see something in the game film that they can exploit, or maybe they like a few matchups. But, what I got most out of this interview, is that they are really anxious to redeem themselves, and want to get this win for their coach, as well as their quarterback.

Whether they'll do it or not... we'll see. I will say, that based on what we've seen from the Eagles during the last two weeks, as compared to the Redskins... Redskins fans have a lot to worry about. Michael Vick has arguably been the hottest quarterback in the league, and he has weapons to utilize (mainly, the explosive DeSean Jackson). Not to mention, as it looks right now, the Eagle running game is certainly done better than the Skins', and their defense has been solid when it counted. So on paper, the Eagles should DESTROY the Redskins.

My inner homer fanboy instinct tells me to give the Redskins the benefit on this one. From what it looks like this early in the season, this team plays up to their competition, and could probably play a lot better if they really have a reason to be fired up to. For Week 1, it was a season opener against the hated Dallas Cowboys... enough said. For Week 2, they played well for 3 quarters until they poo-pooed a 17 point lead during the last quarter and a half against Houston because they were probably "content". In Week 3, it just seemed they were uninspired during the whole and expecting to rollover a team they should have beaten and prayed some really bad football. 

This week, the big story line is McNabb going back to Philadelphia... What's going on inside his head when he has to play the team he's played for 11 years? How will the Philadelphia crowd react to him? How will he compare to the QB that he lobbied so hard to go to Philadelphia last year... the QB that no one wanted? There are a lot of story lines in this match... and a lot of reasons to get up for this match. And with McNabb being the leader that he is, and being extra motivated to play against the city that traded him... I think he will play so hard because he doesn't want to be disappointed. That could make a significant difference.

But to add on, there's a lot in the line... as the winner of this game has the inside track for the division lead, and will momentarily be in first place of the NFC East.

The line for this game is that Vegas is picking the Eagles to win by 5.5 (maybe 6) points. Here's my prediction...

Redskins 33 Eagles 27

I don't think the Redskins defense will do extraordinarily well, but I do think they are due for a decent running game. Both teams will put up points, and could have a potential for a shootout. I don't think the Redskins will stop the Eagles from putting up points in the board, but do I think McNabb and the offense will do just as well against the Eagles D? Quite possibly. Based on the Cooley interview I discussed a few paragraphs ago, there might be some holes in the Eagles defense they can exploit, and McNabb has played against that defense for 11 years.

Maybe my fanboyishness of predicting the Redskins to win may make me look like a fool. The Eagles look so much better on paper. But, my I do have a gut feeling about this game. And, I do believe that something other than stat sheet measurables can influence this game. And that's where I feel the Redskins have the advantage.

This should be an exciting game though. Based on the storylines alone, this is some must-see TV. My brother, as well as a few of my friends are Eagles fans. So, I'm hoping that for my sake, I'll be smiling after this game is over... rather than getting an earful.