Mister Rodger's Offensive Neighborhood - "DC" Skins Pregame #5 - vs Green Bay

I haven't really had much of a chance to think about the Redskins game against the Packers. However, being the semi-pro motivational sports blogger that I am, I will still offer my thoughts.

Just at first glance, Green Bay has a high powered passing offense. Not only is Aaron Rodgers is probably one of the best young quarterbacks in the game, but he has a lot of toys to play with at the passing game. He has 4 viable weapons to throw to in his team, and his offensive line has kept him relatively clean. That offense does have a significant hole in their running game though, ever since Ryan Grant was lost for the season earlier in the year. On top of their offense, their defense is decently solid too. They have a great pass defense led by an outstanding corner in Charles Woodson, and they have very good young LBs in Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk. So based on all this, the Redskins have a lot of concerns.

However, I do believe that the Redskins can give this team a competitive game. If the game against Philadelphia last week wasn't an indication of how solid this Redskins team can be when it wants to be, then I'm not sure what is. Although Clinton Portis is out, the Redskins slowly look like they are starting to find their running game, and through Mike Shanahan-like fashion, possibly having a no-name tailback start to produce on the ground for the team. Not to mention, the offensive line is slowly getting healthy again. If you give a chance for McNabb to make some plays, he could really punish you, as he did previously against Dallas and Houston, and last week against Philly.

Although the Redskins look like they can make this game competitive... do I think they can actually win? I honestly think it may be a tough game. Although the Skins are coming off a huge win against a division rival with a lot of confidence and momentum, and even though they have proven they can step up their game when needed, and although the Packers haven't looked that impressive during the last few weeks (especially in their almost loss against the Lions)... realistically, I just see so many obstacles for the Redskins to overcome. They still don't have as many proven weapons as the Packers, and the new defensive scheme still hasn't fully adjusted to it's personnel.

Prediction... Redskins 24 Packers 27

Like I said, I do think that the Redskins should make this competitive, and the game might be decided late in the 4th quarter. However, if the Redskins could steal this game, I do see special teams having to do with that. The Redskins changed to a more solid punter, and the kicker has been pretty solid so far this year. And the return game has big play speed and capability.

If special teams does end up playing a factor and even steal a win for the Skins, then that would be great for Redskins fans, as it would be a huge win against another solid team. And that would be huge considering the next few games they have coming up in the weeks after. I'm hoping that is the case, but we'll see.


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