"DC" Skins PREgame #8 - at Detroit - A Win is Needed... I Ain't Lion.

I'm gonna try to keep this short... the Redskins need to win this game.

As this game is played, the Redskins have a huge chance to go into their bye week with a lot of momentum... as they currently have with a 4-3 winning record, a 2-1 NFC record, and they're unblemished at 2-0 in their own division. If they win against Detroit, they will be 5-3, and be alone in 2nd in the NFC East, and only a half-a-game behind the New York Giants for the division lead.

However, they can't afford to look back. The Lions are 1-5, and some people say the Redskins should win this game (since they should be motivated after what happened in Week 3 last year), but it's gonna be far from an easy win. As I said in last week's blog, the Lions have been in every single game they were in, and their win-loss record does not do them justice of how good this team is this year.

And, despite of the 1-5 record, this team has improved from last year. They've drafted a playmaking pass-rusher in defense with Ndamukong Suh, who can potentially have a field day and give McNabb a lot of trouble. They still have Calvin Johnson, who look like he's gotten even better. Their running back Jahvid Best, though struggling currently, is a solid young guy. And on top of that, their quarterback with the big arm, Matt Stafford should be back, who had his way with the Skins last year. Add that to the fact that the gamblers at Vegas are favoring the Lions to beat the Redskins to win by around 3 points, this should be far from an "easy win".

However, do I think the Redskins can rise above all that and pull of a win? Yes I do. Although, I do potentially see McNabb having some problems with the improved Lions pass rush, I do think he'll get some off to his tight ends. Not to mention, as crazy as it may sound, Ryan Torain and the Redskins running attack can have a big game this week. And I do think the Redskins defense will be aggressive against Stafford, and will never get that Detroit running game going. I do think that they will remember the loss from last year, and really use it as fuel to turn up the aggressiveness. Add that to the fact that the Redskins have put someone out in just about every game this year... the Lions may not be an exception, and can potentially hurt someone.

Final prediction... Redskins 27 Lions 19

Like I said, the Redskins really need this win, and the players and the coaches should be up for it. It would not only be great to go into a bye week with a win, but they'll go in as one of the more solid teams in the NFC with a 5-3 record. Add that to the motivation they should have for being humiliated last year, should add up to a Redskins win. Afterward, they can rest up on a long bye week and meet the Eagles at their homefield on 11/15. If they can pull off the win, it looks like the stars may start to align for a nice run for a playoff spot, or a division crown during the 2nd half of the season.

But, one thing I find interesting is that in this game, two specific players are playing in opposing teams... Kevin Barnes and Jahvid Best. This is what happened the last time these two met (in the college level)...

I doubt this would happen, considering that Kevin Barnes is far down the depth chart for the Redskins, but the fact that these two are on opposing sidelines. I'm kind of surprised this sports potpourri hasn't been mentioned in the airwaves (if it has, I must not have heard it).

Hopefully, I'm right with this prediction. A win really will get people around here very excited for the first half of November, and that's something I'd like to look forward to.


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