"DC" Skins PREgame #6 - vs Indianapolis - Man(ning) Up

After last week's win, Redskins Nation feels good. They are 3-2, coming off consecutive wins over 2 teams that most people didn't give them a chance with, they played hard when it counted, and shut down a couple of high powered offenses down the stretch. Therefore, Redskins fans felt pretty good all week, and they have all the confidence in the world against the Colts.

I, on the other hand, probably wouldn't be as confident as every Redskins fan in this area. This Colts team really worries the heck out of me. Considering how much Donovan McNabb got hit last week by Clay Matthews, Dwight Freeney has the potential to do the same and leave Donovan sore the next day. Not to mention, overall, the defense has been solid this year, while the Redskins offense still lacks a running game, doesn't scare anyone in the passing game (and outside of Cooley and Moss, doesn't have a weapon that can scare you), and they've had issues with the offensive line.

As far as the Colts offense, they are still solid, and solid for one reason... Peyton Manning. No matter who you give him at receiver, he will find a way to use him, and make him a threat, (with Pierre Garcon, and Austin Collie being prime examples). Not to mention, they still have a solid wide receiver in Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark. And though the Colt running game hasn't been on par this year, it's probably as solid as the Redskins (if not, more threatening than the Redskins').

The Redskins do have a chance in this game though. The Redskins defense has been great when it mattered, especially late in games. They got pressure on the quarterback, and got key stops. If the Redskins can keep this up for most of the game, continue to get to Manning and get key stops, they have a great chance of winning. However, it would be a tough task, because Manning is such a great quarterback, and can direct an offense like no other QB in the game today. Technically, he's his own offensive coordinator. And as good as Aaron Rodgers is, and was last week until he was shut down by the Redskins in overtime, in my opinion, Manning is in a different level. He has been in the dance for a while... and have a tall task in shutting him down.

But, the best way to shut down that offense is to keep it off the field. As I said last week, it is CRUCIAL they find a running game and find some balance in that offense. Historically in the last few years, Indy has been weaker on the run. If they can keep the ball on the ground, play ground control offense, and pass when they need to... they can wear this Indy defense down, and more importantly, keep Peyton Manning and that offense off the field. If they do all this, the Redskins have an AWESOME chance of winning.

Many fans, and even prognosticators and radio hosts in this area are high on the Redskins, and feel they have a nice shot at winning this game. They feel the Skins have a lot of momentum going for them, their defense have been playing well, and they will ride this high to hold off Peyton Manning and the Colts (who have not been as impressive as they have been last year) at primetime. 

Although I do think the Redskins have a shot at winning this game, I don't think it's a big shot. Honestly, I do think that Manning would be too much. He has a high quarterback IQ and may figure out the Redskins and how to pick them apart. Not to mention, although the Redskins offensive line is healthier they have been than the past three weeks, I still think they are too banged up to contain the playmakers in the Colts' defense. So here's my prediction...

Colts 31, Redskins 24

I do think the Redskins will score some points, but the Colts will outscore them by a touchdown. I think Peyton Manning and his weapons will be too much for the Skins defense, and the Colts defense will be too much for McNabb, unfortunately.

However, I will say that an another reason I'm picking the Colts to win, is for reverse psychological purposes. I want the Redskins to win, and the past few weeks, I have been wrong more than I am right (regarding football prognostication). I'd be glad to admit I'm wrong if I'm proven wrong.

So to the Redskins, please prove me wrong. Hope they show me that Peyton Manning wouldn't be the calculating beast that I portrayed him to be in this blog entry.


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