Greeting Your Friends A Happy Birthday...

I feel it's pretty important to greet the people in your life a happy birthday! A birthday is a day when something great happened... you came into this world, and you were given life. I feel it's always important to be thankful, and recognize that.

In fact, in Facebook, so long as your birthday is listed your profile (or even if it's not, and I just happen to know it), I greet you a happy birthday. I don't just do it any other way though, because so long as I can write on your wall, I do it with a personalized greeting (it's personalized to the level that I actually know you) and post it with the following video...

I like to think that I started this social media birthday video greeting craze. (A lot of other people are just starting to get into it recently). As this video said, this is the 3rd version of my personal Facebook birthday greeting (which I change every year on April 1st), and years before Facebook became my networking tool of choice, I used to do this on MySpace.

In MySpace, I had 25,000+ friends, and I managed to do it for everyone who listed their birthdays by initially posting a playlist of my motivational videos on their wall. Then, it evolved to me posting that playlist preceded by the following video...

Like I said, since I had so many friends on MySpace, this became one of my most popular videos. People love to be genuinely greeted a happy birthday, and they will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Unfortunately, I rarely log into myspace anymore, since it's interface is clearly inferior as compared to Facebook. Since my MySpace page is an Artist page, and has over 5,000 fans, it doesn't show the birthdays anymore, therefore I can't greet people a happy birthday on MySpace. However, it's definitely a different story when it comes to my Facebook page. I value the people in my network, and I greet them a happy birthday whenever it's time.
This week I happened to greet a lot of my Facebook friends a happy birthday. Therefore I thought it appropriate for me to do this blog.

But all in all, there's plenty of creative ways to greet your friends a happy birthday on social media, or just generally appreciate them. I am still trying to find a way to do it on Twitter, but apparently, it's not as possible, considering that you don't have to be as personable with your followers, as well as the ones you're following. 

Whatever the case may be, if you know if it's your friend's birthday, take the time to greet them. If you give it some extra kick (by doing something like a video), I'm sure they'll appreciate it that much more. 

Like I said, you can also do something like this even when it isn't someone's birthday. As I always believed... adding value to others' lives, will add value to your own.


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