The Old Washington Senators are Going to the World Series...

As you may know by now, I am a hardcore DC sports fan, so I just thought I'd mention that an old throwback Washington DC team is going for a world championship. 

The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series.
For those who don't know, they used to be the old school Washington Senators before they left for Texas in the 1960s. They've never made it to the World Series since moving to Texas, until tonight. So you can't help but applaud them.

With that being said, I should not like this team, since it left DC decades ago for Texas. However, since I wasn't in America (much less on this Earth) during that time, the animosity isn't there, and it wouldn't affect me that much. And since they beat the Yankees (the team that tries to buy a championship every year) and use ginger ale to celebrate instead of champagne, more power and bonus points go to them!

However, if the San Francisco Baseball Giants happen to pull off the NLCS against the Phillies, I will root for the Giants. Out of all the teams remaining, they have the least amount of reasons for me to root against them. Not to mention, I got to see my home team Nationals beat them during my birthday, so it would be somewhat of a consolation to see them in the World Series.

So congrats to the Washington Senators... err, Texas Rangers. Definitely well deserved, and a first time for everything!


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