"DC" Skins Postgame #4 - Mac 5 Race for Redemption

Well, I won't keep this entry long, as you will probably read enough about this game in the blogosphere. But, as far as how much television drama this game produced before, during, and after the game, I would say that it didn't disappoint. This game definitely made for good must-see television.

Pregame started by the crowd cheering McNabb, then quickly jeering him after leading the Redskins to a quick 14-0 lead. Then, Michael Vick, who was arguably the hottest QB in the NFL, gets hurt. Thus, putting Kevin Kolb (the Eagles' original hand picked successor to McNabb) against his former mentor. What a turn of events.

The game ended up being close. The Eagles scored a couple of field goals and a TD (with an unsuccessful 2-pt conversion), and the Redskins added another field goal to make it a 5 point game. And, that's what the final score ended up being... Redskins 17, Eagles 12. 

As far as what I saw in the game, although I'm happy McNabb got his redemption and that the Redskins are momentarily the NFC East division leaders, I felt the Redskins played their usual ugly game. As soon as Vick went out, and Kolb came in, it seemed like the Redskins let up a lot (and in my opinion, played down from not being worried about Michael Vick anymore). And even though this was his homecoming, McNabb did NOT have a good game (~60 passer rating is not going to cut it). They kept dropping interceptions, and the offense really slowed down during the 2nd half... again.

In my opinion, even though Kevin Kolb wasn't overly impressive filling in for Vick (and may not get his starting job back if Vick is good to go next week), I felt he still had a more efficient game than McNabb, and he outplayed him during the minutes when they were directly competing against each other. Kolb moved the ball, he was efficient, and even had a higher quarterback rating. If the Eagles weren't stupid with a lot of their penalties, the Eagles could have won this game. They left a lot of points on the board, and the Eagles could have just as easily won as they lost.

As a Redskins fan, the bright side for my team and it's fans is, that the running game looked significantly better during this game. And overall, as this team adjusts to the schemes, this Redskins team could just get better during the season. Not to mention, this is definitely a win that they can build on emotionally, and carry that emotion into the next few games, which will undoubtedly be very tough (as they play the Packers and the Colts in the next two weeks).

So I'm definitely happy with the result of this game, both as a Redskins fan, and as a general football fan. But, I do feel that they could still play a lot better, and they still have a long long way to go to be considered a serious contender. The next few weeks against the Packers, Colts, and Bears will definitely be a good measuring stick as far as where this team stands.

I will say that I'm equally as glad that many people in the area will be happy this week, and that the Eagle fans I know can't talk smack to me this week. :-)

Til next week...


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