"Big Game" Predictions, XLVIII edition

I haven't done a blog for a while, but I wanted to get one in before the "Big Game". (In this entry, I will refer to this game as the "Big Game" because unless you are not an official sponsor of the game, you can get in trouble. I do realize that this rule likely doesn't apply to a blog in the middle of the nether regions of the Internet (like mine), but I thought it would be fun.

Before I get to the predictions, I thought I'd discuss a few of the story lines.

When the Seahawks beat the Redskins in last year's playoffs, my resentment for the Seahawks were magnified. Don't get me wrong, they are a great organization, and are actually an antithesis of how my favorite team was built, but them knocking my team off the playoffs 3 times in a row doesn't help me in wanting to cheer for them. Not to mention, Richard Sherman taunting Trent Williams at the end of that game didn't sit right with me either. So, therefore, based on that, you can guess what team I'm not pulling for.

Speaking of Richard Sherman, believe it or not, during the last couple of weeks, I've actually warmed up a little bit to the guy. As I said, I didn't really appreciate his schtick since he pulled against the Redskins a year ago as well, but any one has to admit that he's a calculated genius. He backed up his words in the football field by making that huge play, and pulled the WWE-like promo in the end. At first, because I didn't like him too much going in, I thought it was a bit annoying. But the more I thought about it, the more I found that it was pure genius (given that he was a salutatorian in high school, and graduated in Stanford with a 3.7 GPA, so he's definitely not dumb). The majority of the last two weeks were focused on him, and all are talking about him. If he wasn't a household name before then, he surely is now. The fact that the Big Game is in New York also helps his cause too.

Seahawks are a good organization, so if they win, even though I don't currently like them, I surely won't be terribly mad if they do, like I would be if, say, the Dallas Cowboys, won (although, I would prefer them not to win). Therefore, I'd be rooting for the Broncos. There's so many reasons I would cheer for the Broncos...

One, I love Peyton Manning as a football player. He is probably the best football player I have ever seen for as long as I have had the ability to mildly understand the game of football. Barry Sanders is in that argument, but his heyday was just before that time, and he retired at a time when he arguably hasn't given his best yet. He's already won one title, and he's already a first ballot hall of famer if he doesn't win another, but winning this one is probably very important to him. One, he's gonna be one of the rare QBs that won multiple titles. However, if he wins this one, he will be one to win one in different teams. That's a rarity.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Champ Bailey win. He started his career here in Washington as a Redskin, and he was one of my favorite players when he played here (I had his burgundy "24"). He gave a lot when he played here, and it continued when he was traded to Denver. He will probably make the Hall of Fame as well, so if he wins a title, it can definitely help his chances. He's a great player, and I will root for him.

So with that, I think this will be a good game. Seattle's defense is tough, and it's always been said that defense wins championships. And, in my opinion, if this Seattle defense played last year's Ravens offense, Seattle would've won last year's title. But, this Denver offense is a whole different monster. Not only do you have Peyton Manning slinging the rock, but he can sling them to 4 solid pass catching receivers. As good and as big as the Seahawks secondary is, I don't know if they can shut down this attack. Not to mention, once they get up, they can play ball control offense as well.

Not to mention, although Russell Wilson is a good young QB, and they have an awesome running game, I see the Broncos taking the lead early and not likely relinquishing it. If they get down like they did last game against the Niners (which you got to admit, a lot of calls went their way too), I don't see them getting back in it.

Prediction: Denver 31 Seattle 24 (so I have the "Over")

With that, here are some predictions for the crazy prop bets...
National Anthem: Over (2 min 30 sec)
Number of Times Peyton Manning Says "Omaha": Surprisingly, Under (27 1/2)
Number of Times "Beast Mode" Will Be Mentioned": Over (2)
Color Gatorade Dumped on Winning Coach: Orange (3/1)

There are more prop bets, but I don't wanna go through all of them. Remember, these are for entertainment purposes only.

Enjoy the game, and don't forget to celebrate responsibly!

I'm really looking forward to the commercials! :)