...Just to Make it Today

It's been ages since I've seen this...

I probably haven't seen this video in full since the 90s. Say what you want about the guy born as Stanley Burrell and his fall from grace in the early 90s, but this song has a lot of truth and insight (as well as simplicity) in it's lyrics. And, that melody just stays with you.

Anyway, I actually did think about this song, not because of some random instance, but because I have been doing a lot of thinking. I have something going on tomorrow that, depending on what happens, may have the potential to change a lot for me. But then again, it may not...

Rest assured, tonight I'll be doing a lot of what this particular video is saying to do (even a little more so than I have been). I'm gonna need it.


Classic Jim Carey

Check it out...

This was back during the "In Living Color" days back in the late '80s. I remembered it being hilarious when I first saw it when I saw this as a kid on Sunday night during prime time. When I watch it now, it's even funnier. Feel free to laugh.

Because as I said before, laugh a lot... because laughter helps life worth living. ;-)



When Your Mad... Change the Channel

Here in the DC area, I notice that on a Monday after a Redskins loss, depending on how bad the loss is, people are very somber around this area. Today was no exception...

It just seemed, today, people were missing something. People lacked the energy, and some people just felt down all throughout the day. Even while checking my Facebook and Twitter earlier today, people were posting status updates of discouragement. People were overly defensive with some trash talk, people were angry, and one of my friends even posted that she doesn't like football season, because it makes people grumpy. It just goes to show how much influence the Redskins have on people in this area, and how much influence the NFL product has in general. People are so emotionally invested in their teams, that it pretty much determines the whole attitude for the week. And considering that many would consider the Redskins loss yesterday is almost as bad as the Detroit loss last year, people were really down today.

As I said, it is a bit senseless to be angry about things that you can't control. However, we're only human, and at times, it's just a bit hard, especially if what we love keeps disappointing us. 

So with that, my advice is to try to get your mind out of it by momentarily focusing on the other stuff that may give you joy or pleasure. If you can also productively expel your negative energy as well, then even better. This doesn't apply to just sports fandom, but also in life in general.

For example, if I'm angry, I write (either here on my blog, or in a journal), I exercise by doing pushups, etc. If I'm mad about the Redskins, I either write here on my blog, or I try to find something else on TV. To rephrase the latter, CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

It's not really rocket science. When you find a bad and un-entertaining TV program, it wouldn't make too much sense to keep watching, would it? No it wouldn't. Same thing goes for your emotions. If whatever is around you is making you feel terrible, you should either change the channel and find something else, or just turn the TV off and walk away. It's that simple.

And as an avid DC sports fan (and not just of the Redskins), one way I am metaphorically "changing the channel" by hyping myself up for the upcoming NBA and NHL seasons. The Wizards kick off their training camp tonight with their own version of "Midnight Madness", and the Capitals have their annual convention this weekend that I plan on attending. So, if the Redskins are bad, as a sports fan, I'm glad I have other DC sports teams to fall back on and root for.

But, don't confuse "changing the channel" for abandoning your loyalties. You can still be interested in whatever you are interested in, but if it's making you feel terrible at the moment, you have to momentarily get away from it and find something else and not be immersed to it. Comeback to it later when it's the right time. More often than not, programming usually gets better, eventually.

So if you're disappointed at something, one thing to deal with it is to change the channel. There are a lot of options out there, and you just have to be open enough to find them. And like I said, the programming should eventually get better.



"DC" Skins Postgame - Week 3 - Ramn You!

For the Redskins, this game was a terrible game all around. I stand by what I said yesterday about the Redskins. The team is a lot better than they were (and what they showed today), and they SHOULD have won that game, handily. Unfortunately, they didn't show up.

They were outplayed in both sides of the ball. The Rams gave their rookie quarterback have a lot of time to throw, stay poised, and literally have his way with the Redskins. They let no-name receivers have solid games (conveniently one week after DeAngelo Hall complained about not covering the opposing #1 receiver the week before), and they didn't even need their main weapon Steven Jackson (who was pulled out early due to injury). The Redskins couldn't even stop their back up running backs, who literally ran down their throats, and controlled the 2nd half.

The Ram defense wasn't that impressive. The Redskins offense was just terrible. Although they seemed to have gotten better with the run (as expected and predicted), they got away from it once the Rams kept answering back. From the moment the game started when the Redskins fell down early by 14, they couldn't seem to get the upper hand. When the Redskins got close, most of the time, they'd kick field goals instead of get touchdowns. They left a lot of points in the board.

This was a discouraging loss to the Redskins and Redskins Nation. They lost to an opponent that they should have beaten handily. But not only did they lose, they lost by the same margin that I predicted them to win. (Good thing I'm not being paid to be an analyst, LOL). However, based on this performance, Redskins fans should be VERY discouraged during the week they play a Philadelphia Eagles team with a red-hot quarterback.

With that being said, I could be wrong. As evidenced by yesterday's post, it wouldn't be the last time. Donovan McNabb could still be ultra motivated to play his former team, and his team will rally around him. Who knows... if they pull a game like how they played an undefeated Saints team early last December, they might have a chance. In a league full of professionals, there's always a puncher's chance. This could be the loss they need to help them turn things around. You never know...

What I do know, is that Redskins fans around the DC area wouldn't like listening to sports radio this week, and sports media and personalities won't like going to work. It's always dreary in the town of DC after a bad loss, and there were many dreary days last year, with the low point being the loss to the winless Lions. This loss isn't as bad as that Lions loss, but it ranks up there, considering it was against a rookie quarterbacking a team that was trying to stop a huge losing streak that carried from the previous year. But as I said last year when the Redskins lost to the Lions, don't get down from one loss, even it's the worst loss in the world. You can't get mad at things you can't control.

I will say, that if the Redskins could happen to pull out a win against Philadelphia next week, they will somewhat redeem themselves. Whether or not that will happen, and if they can prepare themselves to make it happen, is another story.

We'll see...



"DC" Skins Pregame - Week 3 - at St. Louis

After the last week Redskins disappointing yet encouraging loss, they are playing an 0-2 St. Louis Rams team. As I said last week, this good be a perfect bounce-back game for them, and I'm sticking by that.

When I listened to the DC media all through out the week, I heard that there were some worried about the game. Many were worried because of how the Skins played the Rams last year when they almost blew it, and also when they played them two years ago, when they blew it and gave them their first win. Some were worried because they played New England Patriots in the preseason, in the notable 3rd game that played the starters, and pretty much played well against them. Despite all of this, I am going against what a lot of people around here are saying, and say that this will be a relatively easy win for the Redskins. Here's why...

First of all, this Redskins team is clearly a different team from the last two years. They are better coached and seem to now have leadership at quarterback. So results that took place in the last two years shouldn't be overestimated. As far as these Rams blowing up the Patriots in pre-season, even though the starters got most of the reps that game, it still doesn't mean jack. I've noticed that most of the great teams in preseasons use the exhibition games more as tuneups rather than a serious measure of skill. And teams that usually end up very solid throughout the regular season would have bad pre-seasons (such as the Colts, who more often that not, have terrible pre-seasons).

Even though the Redskins lost last week, I still felt the positives outweighed the negatives. It's always bad to give up a 17 point lead, and currently have a 32nd ranked (out 32) running game, but McNabb and the passing game seemed to have woken up, and they lit up the scoreboard with just about everyone involved last week.

The Redskins defense was only bad for 1 quarter this season, and I don't think they'll be that bad at any point against the Rams. I see this defense getting to Sam Bradford, as he is still green and will commit mistakes, and the Rams offensive line has as much issues as the Redskins (if not more). The only notable weapon they have on offense is their running back Stephen Jackson, and I don't see him carrying the team enough to win the game.

And, as far as the Redskins' 32nd ranked running game, this is a good game to get better, as the Rams' have the 32nd ranked defense against the run. Clinton Portis, and whoever else will be in the backfield should have solid games and should break a combined 3-digits on the ground, which should ultimately set up the pass. And, after the defense got embarrassed last week in the final quarter, they should be looking for some redemption, and should protect the lead better should they get it.

The Vegas line has the Redskins as 4 point road favorites. I have them covering that total easily, as I see this being a double-digit win for the Redskins. Ultimately, the Rams still have more general issues all-around in both sides of the ball, and it should show up in the scoreboard. And like I said, the Redskins should be looking for some redemption.

Final score prediction... Redskins 31 Rams 17

I see the Redskins up significantly after the 3rd quarter, and I don't see them blowing that lead. I do see them giving up a garbage touchdown towards the 4th quarter during a prevent defense, but they should pretty much hold the Rams in check. 

I will say though, if the Redskins do happen to screw up, and blow this game, people around this area will start panicking. Although, people always say that it's hard to win in this level (since everybody is a professional), this is a game the Redskins should win. But, with how things turned out last year for the Redskins (with the team dealing many winless teams their first win), it would be understandable why this sentiment would be prevalent in this area.

But as I said, I feel this is a different team, and the results shouldn't be the typical results that fans of this team have come to expect during the past few years. We'll see in about 20 1/2 hours if I'm correct. I think I will be.



Spending the Friday Night...

...tucking in some kids.

My brother and his wife is celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary in Upstate New York/Canada to see the Niagra Falls, and my other brother and I decided to spend the weekend taking care of our nephew (Joey) and niece (Cady), 6 and 3 respectively.

So far, it's been interesting. I took them shopping, and let them pick clothes and toys (as long as they're reasonable). Afterward, I took them to the mall's playground, let them drink milkshake, and they've crashed from a sugar high a couple hours after coming home. Fun...

Let me just say, you haven't lived if you haven't tried to change a 6-year old who's stubbornly sound asleep in the fetus position from his outdoor clothes to his pajamas. 

Even though I haven't always been big on spending long Friday nights getting trashed and clubbing (like most single people my age), this is still a change of pace. And honestly, I'm okay with it. Babysitting these kids always provides good training for the future, I always say. Not to mention, these kids love me about as much as (maybe even more than) I love them. Many people have always said I'm a natural with kids.

Future father of the year... this guy. LOL



Pretty Exciting College Football News for My Alma Mater

Read this...

The Maryland Terrapins, my alma mater, and the team that I am proud to root for, is playing one of the consistently great football programs over the past few years, The Texas Longhorns. They will have a home-at-home series taking place in 2017 and 2018. This team won the National Championship a few years ago, and are consistently in the conversation usually playing in primetime in early January in a BCS bowl game. They even played in the championship this past year, and was arguably, an injured quarterback away from winning it all.

I am truly excited about this. If I'm still living in this area (but maybe even if I am not), I will be in FedEx Field with bells on, when this series comes here in 2018.

This news also excites me for another reason. The fact that they are willing to test themselves by playing one of the best programs in the country says a lot, and something that I have tons of respect for. As I have been taught many times during my life, being around and competing against the best, will make you great.

Though the Maryland program could still be a lot better (and no where near Texas at the moment), I have no doubts they'll improve within the next 7 years, and possibly make this interesting. Who knows? I guess we'll have to wait.



Ran for President Once in DC

I logged into an old YouTube account of mine, and looked at some videos I favorited. I happened to find this video...

Little did people know, I actually did run for President (sort of).

Long story short... I didn't end up getting the gig. But it just goes to show, that you shouldn't be afraid to go for it. Even if it's not likely you'll be successful or even if you think you'll be humiliated in some way or another, you still have to try. 

To paraphrase something I said a few posts ago, an instance of humiliation is less painful than a lifetime of regret. You'll never know if you don't show up.



"DC" Skins Postgame - Week 2 - Overtime Ouch

Redskins 27 Texans 30.

That final score wasn't surprising to me at all. As I said during my blog post yesterday, the Vegas line had the Texans winning by 3 pts, and I agreed that line was close to accurate (I predicted a 4 point Texans victory in my blog). Even though I was close to right in that aspect of my overall prediction, I was wrong with more.

I predicted that the Texans would control most of the game with the offense, and though the Redskins will keep it close and may catch a few breaks, their offense will struggle overall. I was wrong. The Redskins controlled most of the game with their offense. They kept the chains moving by keeping the ball in the air. McNabb distributed the ball well to just about any receiver or the active roster. It was surely a difference compared to last week.

However, it was during the 4th quarter where it seemed to have fallen apart. I didn't see half of this quarter on the TV, but listened to most of it on my car radio, and on my Android smart phone. They didn't close this game when they had a chance. They had a chance to all but seal the game making it a two-possession lead midway in the 4th quarter. But they didn't. They had a chance a chance to make a crucial 4th down stop, but instead turned it into a game tying touchdown with Matt Schaub finding arguably the best WR in the league for a huge score. And, in overtime, they had a chance to seal the win by kicking a long field goal, but the kicker let himself get "iced" (though the kick was difficult, the kick should have been made, considering that it was good before the timeout was called). So, instead of closing the game late, the Redskins let a good team stick around. If you have a 10 point lead going into the 4th quarter, and if you're up by 3 possessions in the 3rd quarter, you win the game.

To add on, the running game still has some issues. Most of the rushing yards came in the drive in the 4th quarter where the Redskins failed to capitalize, and before that drive, the Redskins had only 3 rushing yards overall. This is one of the problems the Redskins need to seriously address if they want to eventually be considered as bonafide contenders.

However, with all that being said, there were a lot of positives that the Redskins can build on in this game. Although, admittedly the Texans' secondary was a significant weakness of Houston, McNabb started to find his passing game, and involved pretty much EVERYBODY. If he can replicate a significant fraction of that passing game, they should have their fair share of wins. Defense also held the running game that was so explosive last week, and had the overall advantage in 3 out of the 4 quarters against a very solid high powered offense. So those were definitely positives.

With that being said, this game should have been a Redskins win. However, since it took place in the beginning of the season, and it's not against a conference or division opponent, it's definitely a loss that's not too damag they can build on. So, all in all, I would say that the loss should not be a complete disappointment. As I said before, the AFC South is stacked, and this Houston team is a young team with some young talent that can surprise a lot of people when all is said and done. So, losing to them in a competitive game (that you probably should have won if you made key stops) should not cause panic. As long as they show they can correct the mistakes they made (like they have showed they can correct a lot of their offensive woes from last week during this game), then the Redskins should still do decent during the season.

Up next, they have the St. Louis Rams. This could serve as a great "bounce back" game, with their overpaid rookie quarterback with offensive line issues and practically no weapons (with the exception of Steven Jackson). So, if they handle business and win the game against this team handily, that could be a good indicator of character, as well as how well they can do this year. This time last year, when they faced this team, they barely eeked out a win, and that really set the tone for a disappointing year (which included a loss in the next week to a Detroit Lions team that lost it's previous 17 games). I shall blog more about my thoughts about this game later this week.

So, for those Redskins fans panicking because they blew a big lead in the 4th quarter and lost the game... I say calm down. The team they played will be solid for the whole year, and the loss wasn't against a division opponent, so it's not as damaging. And since it happened early in the year, there's plenty of time for mistakes to be corrected, and the team can build on this loss. However, I will say that if the team loses next week (or even wins unconvincingly), then fans should start to worry a bit.

But until then, all Redskins fans (and all people in general) should enjoy the week. NFL football is great and could be tolling due to the emotional investment, but there's a lot outside of that which probably matter more. So in case you're down after any loss, remember that.

So until next week keep your hopes high and read my other blogs. There are better days ahead...



"DC" Skins Pregame - Week 2 - vs Houston

As I said in last week's blog, I'm going to try to make these pregame and postgame blogs a weekly weekend habit, because this NFL football is a topic people in the blogosphere can really get into, and it is also a topic I love to talk about. Gives this blog a little bit of balance. ;-)

However, like I said last week, I'm just gonna focus on Redskins games. If I talked about a lot of different teams every week and all of the games playing this week, I don't think I could get all my thoughts down. (I mean, I can, but it would just take forever) I'm not a sports journalist, nor do I work for the organization. I just want to offer my particular "out-of-the-box" authentic view as a genuine fan of the game. (I will say, that to make these entries easier to identify, I'll prefix these particular blogs will be prefixed with "DC" Skins (Pre/Post game...). 

Now that I got the housekeeping out of the way, let me get this started...

This week, I'm not going to get into the off-the-field drama with the women in the locker room remark by Clinton Portis about Inez Sainz and the New York Jets locker room, or whether or not Albert Haynesworth is injured or not. I will just be focusing on my thoughts primarily about the game itself (such as players to watch, other notables), what I think the keys to victory are, and my predictions (as I hope to do every week).

With that being said, as a Redskins fan, this game scares me. Even though the 'Skins should be familiar with the offense because Kyle Shanahan coordinated the Texans offense last year, it still doesn't look as good in the Redskins' point of view. The Texans put up 34 points against a formidable Colts team, whom many are picking to go to the Superbowl. They have arguably the best wide receiver in the game in Andre Johnson, and they have the top (non-passing) offensive player of Week 1 with the sudden emergence of their running back Arian Foster, who had 231 yards rushing last week (and undoubtedly got picked up by many Fantasy Football owners). Their offense is clicking, and they outgunned Peyton Manning and the Colts (which says a lot).

The Redskins offense has a lot to do before catching up to this offense. Although they are patterned similarly, Houston is way ahead. The 'Skins didn't put up an offensive TD last week, and was outgained by Dallas in about a 2.5/1 ratio. And, as I said last week, even though I appreciated the win, the Redskins were extremely fortunate to get the win, considering how much Dallas shot themselves in the foot.

Many are saying if the Redskins are gonna have a shot at winning, the defense has to step up big time. I agree. The Redskins defense played relatively well against Dallas by keeping points off the board and making some plays (that turnover to TD to end the half didn't just happen by itself... DeAngelo Hall was a big part of that), however Dallas' bad playcalling and mistakes had a lot to with them not scoring many points either. I'm sure Houston's offense would be a lot more disciplined, and the defense has to match them.

Arguably, as it looks right now, the Redskins defense is better than the Colts defense, and I don't think they're gonna let Arain Foster put up 231 yds in the ground against them. And since they showed that they can make plays and force mistakes, that can really help them out. But, they still have to stop the big play, and not let Houston march up and down the field willingly (like Dallas during the end of the game). If they do, the game will be a lot uglier than last week's Dallas game.

I will say though, that these teams do know each other pretty well, despite being in opposite conferences. Houston head coach Gary Kubiak is under the Mike Shanahan coaching tree since he was his coordinator in Denver, and Kyle Shanahan (Mike's son) coordinated under Kubiak last year in Houston, and practically built Houston's high powered offense. Based on that, it should be an interesting chess match, especially on offense.

But based on everything I've said so far, and from what was seen last week, the overall edge goes to Houston. The Skins haven't really gotten their running game going yet, and the only the tight ends have shown some glimmer of hope on the offensive side of the ball. And like I said, the Skins still haven't scored an offensive touchdown. And even though I think the Redskins may have the edge on defense, Houston's defense is still nothing to sneeze at. The gap between the 2 offenses, in my opinion, is larger than the gap against the two defenses. As far as special teams go, when all is said and done, I don't think we'll be talking about ST come the end of the game. 

So I give the edge to Houston. The line for this game is Houston by 3. I think that sounds about right. As much as I would like the Redskins to win every game, and I would like to think that Redskins will perform better than they did last week, but even if they do perform better, the realist and prognosticator in me would think that it may not be enough.

Game prediction... Houston 28, Redskins 24.

Of course, I will be more than happy if I'm wrong and if the Redskins happen to pull out a win. It should be an interesting game nonetheless. Like I said, the coaching staff is familiar with each other, and from that, it should be an interesting match to watch.


PS: I do regret, I probably won't be watching the whole game though. On an unrelated note, I do start my first day as a Youth Counselor in my church that evening, (which is another way to make an impact with "our future"). Therefore, I may miss a good chunk of the 2nd half. But, I will still post my postgame blog sometime after the game.


I wanna be the very best...

It's an oldie, but goodie (and pretty ridiculous too)...

The Smosh guys have been notorious in comedic viral videos for a very long time. I believe I first saw this video when I first joined myspace (which was more than five years ago). Probably one of the original YouTube celebrities when the website first launched. Not many people can get away with licking Jesus (they probably asked for forgiveness immediately after they did so).

Like I said, it's always great to have a good laugh. Laugh and live, live to be happy. I hope this video has done that for you, for now. This mention is kind of motivational too (though, in a ridiculous way).



Passion = Craziness???

If you happen to stalk me on Facebook (and don't worry, I don't mind, but actually flattered if you do), you might have noticed something written in the "About Me" section under life philosophies I subscribe to. One statement says... 
you have to put passion and heart in everything you do, even if you sometimes look crazy for doing it
I really believe in those words, and take them into heart. If you have ever seen me give a presentation, whether it be a good one, but most especially during a bad one... you would be able to tell. If I truly believe in something, I am not afraid to stick my neck out there, risk my well-being as well as my pride, and sometimes even look like an idiot, while doing so.

Back when I was younger, I didn't subscribe to this philosophy so much, and because I haven't, I have had many regrets and disappointments. And those disappointments came in the form of complacency, boredom, and lack of relationships (whether it be with the opposite sex, or people in general).

Since then, I have taken more risks and was less afraid to show people my true passions and how I really feel about things. I have not been afraid to give complete strangers hugs, tell people what I feel about them (although it may make them cry tears of joy or anguish), or sometimes be overly loquacious or vocal when I probably shouldn't be. Do I still experience disappointments? Unfortunately, yes. And, there were even times when I was ridiculed behind my back. But that kind of disappointment nor ridicule combined would not outweigh the disappointment of myself thinking what could have been if I didn't show my true nature. 

As much as I laughed at the Phil Davison speech I posted in this blog a couple of days ago, I have respect for what he did. Even though he looked silly and committed a lot of public speaking no-nos (you'd think he would know better with his Master's Degree in communication), I had to respect what he did because he stuck himself out there and passionately talked about what he believed in (even if he looked like a crazed lunatic while doing so). This is sort of reminiscent of Howard Dean's memorable scream a few years ago when he ran for office (although imo, Dean wasn't as over-the-top, although it was more scrutinized because he was running for President at the time).

But, don't get this confused with me saying that you should just go crazy and do anything you want. You should take risks and show your passion, but they should still be calculated risk. Passion should only fuel the fire of your cause, not guide it. In my opinion, that's like driving a high powered car while blindfolded.

So I just want to end this in saying that you shouldn't be afraid to show your passion, and do what your heart is telling you to do... even if you will eventually look crazy for doing it. But at the same time, you still have to be calculating and know what you're doing. And if you get ridiculed and rejected, so what?...

"An instance of humiliation bears less burden than a long period of thinking of what could have been."



My Quick Thoughts on the DC Mayoral Race

Primary Election Day in both Maryland and Washington, DC took place yesterday. When I woke up this morning, I woke up to the news that Adrian Fenty, the incumbent mayor of DC, has lost his re-election campaign to Vincent Gray, who will be inaugurated the new mayor in January (that is because whoever won the Democratic primary would win the the ticket due to the Republican party not having a candidate). In some aspects, I kind of surprised, but on the other hand, I knew it the change was imminent.

I won't talk about this subject too much, because I wasn't a registered voter in DC, nor am I a political insider who knows the true situation. I also usually prefer not to talk about politics (due to it being a very taboo and sensitive subject matter to most). But from just hearing from others who have more educated opinions on this, and just from mere observation of seeing where DC is now compared to 4 years ago, Fenty has upheld his office and done well in his job. He has reformed education, re-built schools, and rebuilt and redeveloped several parts of DC. The guy really provided results. All doing so as the youngest elected mayor in the city's history.

So what went wrong? Many say he was cocky, controversial, and downright arrogant. He refused to answer questions about "secret trips", he appeared cocky in his media appearances, and he refused to admit any "mistakes" he may have made, despite what his advisers told him. He thought the results he provided were to enough to get him re-elected. Unfortunately, for him, they weren't. But like I said, I am not in the position to provide full political commentary. So instead please check out this following article by the Washington Post, which is probably a much better read detailing the situation. (It's actually pretty good journalism as well).

Do I think that the DC voters made a mistake in not re-electing Fenty? Perhaps. Like I said, the man provided results and had DC in the right direction, in my opinion. But, at the same time, I do understand why he was not re-elected. To be an effective leader, you have to be genuine and likable. And during these past 4 years, the DC voters didn't feel he related to them enough for them to believe he can effectively lead this city in another 4 years.

But time will tell if Vincent Gray will be a great mayor. I'm hoping and praying he will continue the road that Fenty started to blaze in leading DC in the right direction, and at the same time, not lose touch with the people who put him in office. Good luck to him.

We all have a lot to learn from the results of this particular election. If you're in a position of leadership (or in any position representing others), it is true that results are optimal but certainly not enough, because connection is crucial. (The latter statement in bold, is actually one of the first lessons I learned as a public speaker).



Jawdropping Political Speech

In the spirit of election primaries today here in Maryland, I thought I'd share a video I saw a few days ago here on the Internet.

Just want to say, that someone who speaks in public passionately, I can appreciate it. But as a citizen who votes for leaders to represent us, I am flabbergasted. Let's just say, if you are going to pursue speaking, can serve as a good reference guide (mostly, of what not to do). Gonna keep the commentary to a minimum, just watch...

Apparently, he has a Masters Degree in Communications... Really?

From what I heard, he didn't get the nomination. Surprised?



Self-Perception vs. Self-Deception

All my life, people have told me things that discredit me. Ever since I was young, cynics, peers, friends, and even family members and loved ones, have called me things like "unstable", "untalented", "worthless", and "failure". Some said those things, having my best interests at heart (after all, as I said, some of these statements came from "loved ones"). But regardless who said those things, they proved to be hurtful, and I believed them for a while (because, in all honesty, there were some truth to them).

I've learned something in my life, and it is something that has resonated with me for years. If you believe in something strong enough, your mind will assimilate to accept it as truth, regardless if it is actually true. When people have called me all those negative things, I felt extremely depressed at those times, and felt exactly what I was being called. Many times, even worse.

And it was these times, when I would read or listen to inspirational scripture, self-help books, and general motivation literature or products. When I did, I was encouraged, because I was convinced that I'm not worthless, and that I am valuable to this world, and to people I come in contact with. The right words made me believe I am talented, and have tons to contribute. And when I got away from negativity, and at times found positivity by people encouraging me, and telling me that I am awesome (even though many things around me told and showed me likewise)... I really believed it. And because I believed it, people have called me inspirational, and I felt inspirational, even at the moments when I felt I had better days.

So whatever you're feeling right now, take the negative thoughts on your head, the toxic "truth" (more accurately... "half truths") that people tell you and purge it out of your system. As much as you don't like to admit it... these things can slowly grow and hurt you. Then replace it with positive visions... visions of greatness, the greatness that you aspire to be (but haven't reached), and convince yourself that you are and will be that greatness.

Some may say that doing what I just said in that last paragraph is considered, "self deception". I don't. I believe that if you envision and focus a lot on something that you ASPIRE to be, and you do your best to become that aspiration, by thinking like it, acting like it, and owning it, you aren't lying to yourself. If it is something that your HEART truly wants... it is a HUGE part of your being. You aren't being "fake" by thinking in that way. In fact, you are more "real" by doing so for accepting your true desires and what your heart really wants, more-so than if you keep accepting your undesired "truth".

So in case you have naysayers and in case you are doubting yourself, just envision yourself truly being great. I've learned most of my life, that people like to knock you down, and once you're down, they'll try their best to keep you down, so you can be as miserable as they are. But in reality, you have done something great in your life (most people have). And because that's so, you aren't worthless, you ARE talented. Focus on that particular truth, and you shall overcome your obstacles around you (and within you).

"Perceive your true awesomeness within... and you shall achieve it."


Week 1 Post Game Redskins Thoughts

Gonna try something new here in this blog. Before AND after every game, I am going to offer my thoughts on the upcoming Redskins game. Not is it only gonna create more general interest in my blog within the next few months (because people get fever-pitched hot during football season), but I feel I can offer it with my own unique kind of insight that only I can offer. As you can see, I've done the "before" thoughts already for this week. Now comes the "after"...

First and foremost, I would have to say that it feels great that the Redskins beat the Cowboys. I feel good and proud for my favorite team that they won, but I'm equally as happy that the so-called "fans" of the Cowboys that I discussed here in this blog will be quiet, if only until their next meeting.

I have to admit, the game was ugly. Dallas kept shooting themselves in the foot in the whole game with penalty after penalty. And on top of that, they spotted the Skins with a touchdown with that terrible turnover converted to a touchdown to end the 1st half. I hate to say this, but honestly, if the Cowboys played a more disciplined game (which they aren't known so much in doing anyway), they probably would've won this game.

On the Redskins' side, some parts looked pretty ugly too. They didn't score an offensive TD, when they had a few great opportunities to. McNabb threw to guys' hands, but couldn't hold on to the ball. Not to mention, in that last Cowboys' drive, they could have done a better job stopping that drive (rather than letting them drive the length of the field). They also allowed a lot of overall yards during the game.

Luckily, it's only week 1. Most of those mistakes are correctable, and if they do a good job to address and correct them, there will be better games ahead. It does go to show, that there is a quite a long way to go for the Skins, if they want to be perceived as well improved, and as a solid contender.

As far as what I saw that the Redskins do well... their young offensive line held relatively well against a more seasoned Cowboy defensive team. I was also impressed with how Trent Williams held Pro Bowler Demarcus Ware in check for most of the game. And overall, as compared to last year, this team looks like it's seriously improved (and that's very evident in the coaching as well).

How that game ended just put the cherry on top. I don't think I'll forget it in a while. Here's a video of the game's end...

All throughout the game, they mentioned #71 Alex Barren, being one of the most penalized players in the league. Luckily, that reputation helped the Redskins out. (Even then, if he didn't hold, Orakpo may still have sacked Romo).

But those last few minutes when the Cowboys were marching out the field surely had my blood pressure up. There were times when the Skins had great stops, only for them to not matter, because the Cowboys kept moving the chains a down or two later. Although these heart stopping games are great when my team wins, I would still rather not having them (considering, they can be equally devastating if they lose).

As I said in my last entry, the Cowboys have some issues themselves, and they would surely not roll in this game like how many experts picked them to. They even had a chance of getting upset by a well-improved team. With the exception of the final score prediction, I was pretty spot on.

But like I said, the Skins have A LOT of work to do, to establish credibility throughout the year, as well as back in their organization, because this win was UGLY, and it could have as easily been a loss. They have to face another team known for their offense next week, the Houston Texans. The Redskins surely can't pull a win next week if... 1) they don't score any points (like they've barely done this game), and 2) if they are depended on winning in luck. They just beat the heavily favored Colts this week and put up 38 points, so you know they could be pretty good this year. Redskins simply can't win, if they only put up 13 points like they have in this game.

Even though the win was ugly, one thing about the game that I thought didn't look ugly, was the burgundy jersey with the yellow (gold) pants that the Redskins were wearing. The yellow pants weren't worn since the '70s, and I thought it was a nice touch that it was brought back. Not to mention, it's a nice change of pace from the usual white jersey on burgundy pants. 

Those are my thoughts on this game. The win was definitely satisfying, but like I said, there'll be another good challenge come next week, so stay tuned for that (as well as my pre and post game thoughts on it). For now, as a Redskins fan, I'm proud of their win, and hope they can keep it going.

But it's getting late now, and I should probably hit the hay. So to all of the Redskins faithful, have a good night! I sure will.



The Redskins Thoughts and Predictions 2010 Blog

I just thought I'd offer my thoughts about the team before the big game kicks off tonight. I'm also currently watching the other games that are on in my area, and since I am not playing fantasy football again this year, nor have the NFL RedZone channel (which Comcast only offers with their Sports and Entertainment package), to me, it's not as easy to get in the games because of I have limited to no rooting interest. Therefore, I figured I should offer some of my thoughts.

As far as the Redskins go this year, as a fan, I'm cautiously optimistic. There are many fans around here who are always blindly optimistic, and always expects the Redskins to go to the Superbowl every year come opening kickoff, but as one of the ones who look more towards history and reason, the only way to be optimistic with this team is to be "cautiously optimistic".

They have done a lot of great things during the offseason. The organization got rid of a lot of the deadweight (with the exception Albert Haynesworth... but I'll get to that later), they fired their main personnel player, their fired their coach, and they found reasonable and competent replacements. As much as I liked Jason Campbell when he was here, Donovan McNabb is also a great upgrade. And as it looks like now, the owner has kind of fired himself from personnel decisions. Just based from that, they looked like they immediately addressed some of the biggest problems that's been holding back this team for years.

Next up, they had to address a huge weakness... their offensive lines. The offensive line they had last year had issues with injuries, and the guys who had to step up wouldn't start in any team in the league. They were responsible for Jason Campbell getting beat up last year. Therefore, they addressed it by drafting an O-lineman with their 1st pick, Trent Williams, whom they feel can be the cornerstone they can build their line around long-term. They've gotten some solid veteran guys for the line through free agency and trade (Hicks and Brown). So now, their O-line, though still not elite (as compared to teams like the Vikings and Packers), is much improved!!!

This year, they've also switched their defensive scheme from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Many say that this switch may hinder the team, but I feel it will help them more. With the exception of Andre Carter (who is still a good player), this scheme is probably tailored more towards the strengths of the personnel, most especially Orakpo, the young linebacker who is more of a hybrid linebacker-lineman type.

As far as everything else goes, the running game I think will be solid and well-improved. By bringing in competition in the off-season, I think coach Shanahan knocked a lot of the diva out of Clinton Portis, and made him hungrier overall. The wide receiving core still offers some concern (as the young wideouts are still unproven, and Santana Moss possibly facing a suspension for his illegal substance issue), but I think their tight ends are skillful enough to pick up a lot of the slack. 

The huge problem (and I mean that literally) that I see can be haunting them in the long term if it's not addressed, is Albert Haynesworth. They paid this guy a lot of money, doesn't cooperate, still isn't in the best shape for a person with his contract, and continues to clash with the coach. And, because of this, he could be a "cancer" in the locker room. It's hard to get rid of him outright, considering of how much the owner and the previous regime invested in him. So in that case, the organization is handcuffed. If they let him go, they want to get a fair price for him (such as a 2nd round draft pick), but as of now, no other teams seem to bite. So as of now, they have to deal with it, or just wait it out.

As far as predictions go, they obviously can't be as bad as last year. If I was overly optimistic, I would pick them to go 10-6 or 11-5. However, as more of a realist, I think it's more than fair to pick them to go 8-8, or if they're lucky, 9-7. Even though I like McNabb and think of him as an upgrade compared to Campbell when it comes to leadership, and track record, I'm still not sold that he will stay healthy for the whole year. Not to mention, you still have the Haynesworth situation, and the non-proven receiving core. So I think around the .500 mark will be good. But, if they surpass those expectations, I would be ecstatic, but not too overly surprised.

But as for the game tonight... I do think the Redskins will do better than most are expecting, and possibly even pull an upset. The Cowboys have some issues of their own too, and it was evident during the pre-season. They will not blow out the Skins, and I don't think they will be as dominant as many people say they are and win the NFC. I do think, that this game will be a close one, and as a Redskins fan, I'm inclined to pick an upset...

Redskins 20, Cowboys 17

The Redskins fans have been waiting for this for months. They have been pumped up for weeks, and I think they will be the X-factor to this game. Therefore, I'm picking the upset.

So those are my thoughts. Hope everyone enjoys Week 1!



DC does not stand for "Dallas Cowboys"

As promised (and in the spirit of Redskins vs Cowboys rivalry to kickoff opening season), I will offer a few thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys (but mostly, their DC area fans).

This entry will expand on the video that I posted on yesterday's blog (which was featured by Comcast Sportsnet for a while). When you walk around here in the DC area, you will definitely not find a shortage of Dallas Cowboy jerseys, and flags sporting Dallas Cowboy flags or decals. Yes, there is a huge so-called fanbase of Dallas Cowboy fans in this area. Through my eyes, here are the reasons why...

I feel that most are Dallas Cowboy "fans" here are only fans just to spite the Skins. Most feel that the Redskins have disappointed them over the years (and arguably, you can't argue that because of how the Daniel Snyder regime turned out), therefore, many in this area feel they have to cheer for this team's most hated rival. As I've said in that video in my last entry, most of the so-called Dallas fans in this area have not been to Dallas, or anywhere near Texas, and probably can't point Dallas out in the map. And yet they claim that team, and claim their traditions like it's been part of them their whole lives. I call the "BS" card on that. Respectfully, the way I see it, most Dallas Cowboy fans here are poseurs, because the only reason why they are "fans", is because they are "anti-fans" of the Redskins. Most Dallas Cowboy fans that I know around here, talk about the Redskins just about as much (if not more) than they do than their so-called team. So the way I see it, I see them as closet Redskins fans, rather than the "true" Cowboy fans that they have labeled themselves as.

Most of the Cowboy fans here in DC are contrarians. I've been told, they show up to Redskins pre-season exhibition games (such as the Buffalo Bills game that took place about a month ago) that don't count and mean nothing (that their team has no part in), and show up in their Cowboys jerseys, just because they crave the negative attention. They enjoy "trolling" on others' experience, try to steal the thunder of fans trying to have fun enjoying their team in their stadium, and do so in an elitist type of attitude, because "their" team has owned the rivalry over the past few years. If the Redskins were actually playing the Cowboys in those games... fine, but preseason games? Really???

That's what I have a problem with. As someone who tries to look at the positive in many things, and as a motivator who tries to encourage the positive within people, I have a problem with that "trolling" attitude. I have little respect for people who try to steal others' joy, no matter what the situation. I mean, I can respect some good trash talk between fans, but if you cross that line and it's evident that you're just trying to be a jackass, just for the sake of being a jackass with an elitist type of attitude, then that's when I lose that respect.

I will say, for the most part, I don't have a problem with the Dallas Cowboys fans who are actually from Dallas or Texas. They grew up with that team, and can appreciate that team for what they are, because they've been around them. Not to mention, a lot of the Cowboy fans that I actually know who are from Texas that ended up here, are intelligent football fans that can actually carry a decent discussion (unlike many of the "fans" from here in DC). 

Now, if you hate the Redskins, and feel that you have to cheer for Dallas to reinforce that... fine. But, I would think, that if you hate the Redskins so much and want nothing to do with them, and not watch, see, or hear from them as little as possible, I would think you'd want to cheer for another team from another division who play the Redskins very rarely when it matters (like the Baltimore Ravens for example, who are local and actually have a respectable and solid football organization). IMO, cheering for a fierce division rival knowing they'll frequently play the team you hate, is almost like a divorced man getting re-married to his ex-wife's sister. Though you should get away from a bad memory, you go to something that will else that will fuel that memory further.

That's my opinion. I'm sure many people won't like it, but I'm equally sure that there are many who agree with it. Take it for what it is. I just wanted to offer some insight from my point of view on why a lot of Dallas Cowboy fans around here are understandably looked down on. 

Not to mention, this is what makes these rivalries fun for the fans... civil trash talk with well thought out points and blogs from passionate fans.



DC Pumped

In spirit of the Sunday night kickoff between the Redskins and Cowboys, my blogs leading to the game will be discussing anything related to the game. Let me tell ya, everyone here in DC is pumped for the football season. Even more-so this year, considering that the Redskins play their hated rival in the opener. It is said that these "rivalry" games are more-so for than fans rather than the players, but let me tell ya, A LOT of people here in the area is uncharacteristically energized this whole week, fans or players... 

All week, there has been "spirit week", with all sorts of events leading up to this game. The city of Washington DC, as well as surrounding counties in the Metro area, officially declared this whole week "Redskins Week", there were special "Beat Dallas" T-shirts made, all over the roads (and railways), commuters were honking if they "hate Dallas", and earlier today, there were even several pep rallies.

Over the past few years, we didn't have all of this. Just goes to show the magnitude of the importance that this matchup has to the people in this region. This is so, not only because most of the people around here live and breathe the Redskins football team, but also because the Cowboys have their share of fans here too (I'll post another blog about the Cowboys and their fans tomorrow). I highly doubt they are doing all of this in Dallas (although, I could be wrong).

Although, I will say that the players probably don't need all of this to get ready to play. In fact, most of the true and loyal fans probably don't need all of this to get pumped up either. Just the excitement of a new game, and a new season should be enough to wake you up. 

However, despite all of this, I do think that overall, this "spirit week" could be a good thing. Although I heard many people say that these activities make the fanbase and the region look hokey and cheesy, and in a way, flatters Dallas by putting them on a pedestal... I feel that any function that unites people under a common purpose, spark lots of activity, creates buzz around the region, as well energy and positive memories, is something that we definitely need more of. Therefore, I'm totally okay with all the pep rallies, amplified trash talk, etc.

I'll go ahead and throw my hat in for this "Redskins Spirit Week". Check out this video that I made about a couple of years ago...

I actually sent this video to Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic, and they decided to feature it in their website for a little while (if you don't believe me, see the watermark in the screen). As you can see, as a passionate Redskins fan, I have quite the disdain for Dallas myself, and admittedly, was rather brash with my trash talk (though I kept it civil and intelligent). 

Like I said, I do plan on doing a blog on my thoughts about the Dallas Cowboys (not so much about the team itself, but mostly around their luster, and why a lot of people here detest them so much). I may even get to the reasons why I said the words I said in that video.

Overall, I do think it's awesome to see that this "spirit week" and the start of the football season really put this area in such a ruckus of excitement. I'm all for anything that gets people pumped. I just can't imagine how this would carry on when the game actually kicks off on Sunday night. 

It should be fun...



Are You Ready for Some Football??? 2010 Edition

In case you don't know, the NFL Season kicks off tonight. It seems like there's a lot of buzz throughout this particular season, and from the looks of it (at least from my viewpoint) many people are more excited than they have been in a long time. It may have something to do from all the free agents who switched teams (ie: McNabb, T.O.), to this year's overpaid draft class (ie: Sam Bradford, Tebow, Suh, and Bryant), to all the drama that's been taking place in the offseason (Haynesworth, usual Brett Favre, etc), people are undoubtedly talking a lot about the football season. Add to that with the fact that there's a possibility that there might not be a season next year due to a need for a new collective bargaining agreement, this season may be one to remember for years to come.

I'm going to do this blog entry in a similar way that I did last year, offer a few thoughts and opinions about a few teams/storylines going into this season, then offer some general predictions, such as superbowl matchups, as well as what I generally think might happen to a few players or a few teams. I will also still not offer predictions of divisional champions, playoff berths, nor a Super Bowl Champion. So here are some predictions (minus my opinions on the Redskins)...

  • Most of the teams seem significantly improved, and it appears hard to separate the teams this early in the preseason. Therefore, I would say there's no team (or teams) that really separates itself from the rest of the league.
  • The bay area teams will be surprising and much improved. 49ers have a solid chance of clinching the NFC West, and Jason Campbell will improve the Raiders.
  • The Jets may be overrated, and I think they will fall short from the expectations they have hyped themselves up for.
  • The AFC South is STACKED!
  • This will be Bret Favre's final year!
  • The Bills and the Seahawks will be the worst teams in the league.
  • The Steelers will fall in a big hole in the first few games and won't recover in what seems to be a 2-horse AFC North race.
  • with the Rams' O-line issues Sam Bradford will be hurt before the year is over (God forbid)
  • Dallas won't become the first team to host the Superbowl in their own stadium
  • Early Superbowl Matchup Prediction: Ravens vs Vikings (all purple Super Bowl)
In case you're wondering the reasoning behind the Super Bowl Matchup, after some thought, even though I feel the Vikings may not be as good as they were last year and don't look as good on paper as teams like Dallas or even Green Bay, they are still solid all around in every position, and if you catch a break or two in the playoffs... you never know. As far as the Ravens, I usually pick them high every year considering I'm pretty familiar with them, but they look like a great team this year, with significant upgrades on offense, an always solid defense with unbelievable leadership, and they have some sick depth.

So those are my general thoughts/predictions of the upcoming 2010 season. You may have noticed though that I have withheld my thoughts on the Redskins. I have a whole separate blog (or few) for that in the future. I may offer a few thoughts on the team in general, and I will definitely offer a few thoughts on this initial game in Dallas. So stay tuned.

Let the gridiron theater begin. As I said last year, I love this time of the year! This season should be a lot of fun.



Kickoff in the Capital

With all the craziness I had going on in Labor Day, I failed to discuss one of the leisurely activities that I'm interested in... kicking back and watching a good game of (American) football.

As we all know, the NFL kicks off its 2010 season tomorrow. And, for those of you who have followed this blog since it's inception, you would know that I am a serious Washington Redskins fan. However, I will not be talking about my thoughts on the NFL Season, nor the Washington Redskins in this particular entry. We have tomorrow's entry for that. Instead, I will be offering up a few thoughts as it relates to the College Football Season, mainly because we had two marquee matchups locally here in the DC area in Labor Day.

Many are aware that I am a University of Maryland alumni. And on Labor Day, the Terrapins were embroiled in a huge rivalry game against the Navy Midshipmen. They had a good in-state rivalry going since 1905, and their series have been deemed as "The Crab Bowl" classic. The rivalry has settled down over the last few decades, as controversies between the programs have separated them both. It used to be a frequent meeting early in the 20th century, but before Monday, the last time they played each other was in 2005 (and before that, 40 years earlier in 1965). This past Monday, their rivalry was renewed as they played in Baltimore.

I had plans of attending this game, however I wasn't able to. But, I was still able to catch it, and more importantly, enjoy it. The game did not disappoint. The Terrapins ended up winning by a score of 17-14. And although it was a rather sloppy game, I was proud that the Terrapin football team showed heart and character by allowing limited scoring and making stellar game-changing plays (despite 7 Navy red zone possessions), and knocked off QB Ricky Dobbs off the Heisman race by forcing him to turn the ball over a couple of times, and getting a crucial defensive goal line stand on to seal the game. The game had my heart racing in the last couple of minutes, and I certainly wasn't disappointed with the result. It was a hard earned win for the Terrapins.

It was apparent in this game that the Terrapins aren't the most talented team, and probably has a long way to go if they're serious about competing in the ACC, but this was an extremely important win. This win was against a quality Navy team who won 10 games last year, made up of disciplined young men who will one day be serving our country. That same year, this Terps team lost 10 games. This win can possibly set the tone for the rest of the year. And even though this game was sloppy, this game can serve as a great building block to correct whatever mistakes they have and help turn the program around from a dismal 2009.

But all-in-all, I do hope they make this rivalry series more frequent (considering the Annapolis touchdown club has recently just made a trophy for this game). For now, it may be too much to ask that they make this rivalry an every-year home-at-home series (although, I do hope that it eventually happens), but if they play this game every couple of years on a neutral site like Baltimore or Landover, both organizations can benefit, and I believe it will please many in-state fans.

The second football game took place later that evening, pitting the non-BCS Boise State Broncos and the Hokies of Virginia Tech (representing the BCS-conference of the ACC). This game had national title implications, as the winner would have strong national championship aspirations (especially if they win the rest of their games through out the year).

Admittedly, I didn't see much of this game, since I didn't really have too much rooting interest for this game. (I was switching in between this game, and watching WWE Monday Night Raw, which ironically was being held in the Verizon Center in DC). However, from what I did see, this game did not disappoint, and definitely surpassed the hype. Boise went up quickly on a fast run, Tech worked back to take the lead, and the game was decided in the last couple of possessions (which I happened to catch). In the closing minutes, Boise was down by 4, and rallied with a late touchdown to win by 3-points. It was an exciting finish, just about as exciting as the Maryland-Navy game. I would say though that the skill level and talent of these two top-10 ranked teams, and that this game had national title implications, added more to the over all quality of this game.

I will say this though, that games like this (as well as future well-contested games with two top teams playing each other that will be played throughout the season) further proves that college football needs a playoff system. This has been brought up countless times over the few years with how the BCS controversially ranks the teams. But this game will show that there will probably be many teams that will prove their case all throughout the year that they deserve to play for a National Championship, not just two team. Every major sport, college or professional, has a well-structured, tournament-style, playoff system to crown an undisputed champion, except for Div. I college football (even Division 1-AA, D2, or D3 football have their respective playoff systems). I won't get into too much into the need of a playoff system as there will be no shortage of discussion about this through out the year, but I will say that it probably would be best for the teams, the players, and the fans if it were to happen. If it does happen, I understand that it will probably not be perfect the first time around, but I'm sure it would be better than the current system they have now. 

But all in all, I am looking forward to an interesting college football season. I wish I can tell you more about the other teams, but it's a little bit harder if you don't have a rooting interest for them. All I know, is that the SEC should be as strong, as always, and that there are a lot of quality teams that will probably have a decent case for the championship come the end of the year. And if Boise State remains undefeated the whole year, I don't see why they should be left out of the conversation in favor of BCS schools who probably didn't want to play them in the first place. My main hope for this season is that the only team that I root for, the Maryland Terrapins, would have a vast improvement, so they don't have to fire Coach Friedgen. A 7-5 record with a bowl game berth should be sufficient (at least). Hopefully, that can happen, and even better, they can surpass that goal.

But, here's to a great season! Remember, NFL blog tomorrow, definitely before kickoff (and not just before midnight).



Motivational "Bathing"

I took a nice four days off from blogging, partly because I had a busy enjoying my labor day weekend, but mostly because I wanted the previous blog to be visible as long as possible. I am proud to say that people have taken advantage of my "ULTIMATE" labor day sale, so I just want to take a moment right now to say thank you for those who did. I guarantee that you have made a great investment to an awesome life. bathing

Unfortunately though, I was a little disappointed that this limited "sale" was not as successful as I hoped it would be (and certainly not a success to my standards). And mainly the reason why, is because the ones whom I expected to take advantage of this sale, the ones that I know could probably use the motivation and the guidance these books and CDs have to offer, didn't take advantage of this. $10 is as low of a price as you can get, to get quality motivation... and you would think that many people would be interested. Surely, that wasn't the case. And I even admitted on Facebook, that this sale was done mostly for the people who weren't able to get my stuff yet (who may have had "price" as their main objection).

But, I can't be bitter about this. I felt I did a lot of things right, offered my quality and hard earned life work in a great price, and just left the ball on the court of others to take advantage of a great offer. I can't be bitter and dwell on the decisions that people don't want to make. After all, it's not my life, it's theirs. And as the old cliche goes, you can only lead a horse to the trough, but you can't make him drink.

I don't really have much more to say in this blog, but I just want to end this entry with this saying I once read from Zig Ziglar in one form or another... "...many say motivation doesn't last... well, neither is bathing which is why it is recommended daily." Now, this is another reason why I felt that offering my work to many during this past weekend was so important. A lot of people lack the will, because they lack the daily motivation to take the necessary steps to be what they want to be. And I felt, many could have gotten that kind of motivation for less than the price of a couple of cigarette packs, Starbucks Venti lattes, or shots of vodka (everyday vices that a lot of people probably "bathe in" daily, and throw much more than $10/day doing). 

Just something to think about.




Well here it is! The blog that many have been waiting for. I'm going to try to keep this blog short and sweet, and get straight to the announcement. So without further ado, here is the big news... 

From now until the end of labor day (or some time early in the morning of September 7th), I will be marking down all of my "ULTIMATE Crash Course" products. I will be slashing the prices of my CD, as well as my books SIGNIFICANTLY... BY MORE THAN 50%. Here's the link...


My CD, which was originally just under $24 (if you bought it in my website, or in Amazon), is now available for $10. That's an astounding 59% reduction. You can also get not one, but both of my books combined for a price of $10! These books retail for $12.97 each, which means that you can get both of the books for LESS than the price of one! But the best thing is, if you want to get all 3 "ULTIMATE Crash Course" titles (the CD and both books), you can get them all for a paltry $17. Throw in the fact that you'll have awesome extra bonuses shipped with your order... AND that everything is shipped to you for FREE. I'm pretty much going nuts with this. How awesome is that?!

In case you're wondering what my motivation is for doing this... I wanted to do this because I know that this economy sucks, people are struggling, and tons of people are either unemployed or broke. Therefore, I wanted to make my brand of motivation as accessible as possible, and give as much of it as I can (reasonably). And what better time to do it, during a long holiday weekend when everybody will be home. Although, I would say that me choosing the labor day weekend is purely coincidence. (Being that labor day is a holiday dedicated to hard work, and not being afraid to die believing in your work).

All in all, I feel that as tough as it is today, we need to some form of motivation and inspiration more than ever. And the fact that a lot of kids just started school, the need to achieve and to motivate others to achieve is something that needs to be prevalent. And by doing this "super sale", I am offering some great "ultimate motivation" and insight at the most affordable price you will ever get it. Ask many motivational speakers how much they will charge for their advice and time... and I can guarantee that most of the "experts" you ask will laugh at you if you offer them $10 for their time. In fact, there are even some speakers out there that are so full of themselves, that they will probably charge you more than $10 to have lunch with them, while making you pay for the lunch.

So I would say that this is the perfect time to get some quality motivational products at a very low price. But like it says in the page... if you want to take advantage of this, you better act soon, as this deal will only be available during this Labor Day weekend. So come September 7th, this page will disappear and the respective prices will go back up to what they normally sell for.

In any event, I do encourage you to take advantage of this. Even if you have previously bought any of these titles, take advantage of it again and get copies for your friends. I'm sure you know at least one person that can use something like this. Give the gift of motivation. (Not to mention, you can keep the wristbands and stickers for yourself if you like). If you don't want to buy it for them, encourage them to get it for themselves by forwarding them the page. 

I can guarantee though that if you do take advantage of this deal, no matter if you keep your order for yourself, or if you give it to someone else, you will feel like a much better person for it in the long run.

Here's the link one more time...


Happy Labor Day!




Just wanted to use my 75th blog post to remind all my readers and my social network friends and followers that the big exciting OBECorp surprise is coming up!

In fact, I'll tell you the time frame when I will approximately break the news. I will be breaking the news first in this blog tonight between midnight and 3am EST. I will definitely be staying up late tonight, just for you. (I'll try to stay up anyway for the last meaningless Redskins preseason game).

Since this blog automatically feeds to my twitter, the news will be breaking on twitter shortly after this blog is posted. But, I won't be posting the news, nor the blog entry on Facebook until tomorrow morning. 

I will also be sending e-mails to my e-mail list come tomorrow afternoon telling them about it. However, I won't be sending the e-mails until tomorrow afternoon (when everybody is probably off of work). So, if you've signed up for my e-mail list in my website, you will be hearing from me there as well.

But once this announcement is made

Just to give you a hint on what this surprise will actually be... let's just say that I'm making "ultimate motivation" more accessible.

Curious yet? Stay tuned. ;-)