Pretty Exciting College Football News for My Alma Mater

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The Maryland Terrapins, my alma mater, and the team that I am proud to root for, is playing one of the consistently great football programs over the past few years, The Texas Longhorns. They will have a home-at-home series taking place in 2017 and 2018. This team won the National Championship a few years ago, and are consistently in the conversation usually playing in primetime in early January in a BCS bowl game. They even played in the championship this past year, and was arguably, an injured quarterback away from winning it all.

I am truly excited about this. If I'm still living in this area (but maybe even if I am not), I will be in FedEx Field with bells on, when this series comes here in 2018.

This news also excites me for another reason. The fact that they are willing to test themselves by playing one of the best programs in the country says a lot, and something that I have tons of respect for. As I have been taught many times during my life, being around and competing against the best, will make you great.

Though the Maryland program could still be a lot better (and no where near Texas at the moment), I have no doubts they'll improve within the next 7 years, and possibly make this interesting. Who knows? I guess we'll have to wait.


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