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In spirit of the Sunday night kickoff between the Redskins and Cowboys, my blogs leading to the game will be discussing anything related to the game. Let me tell ya, everyone here in DC is pumped for the football season. Even more-so this year, considering that the Redskins play their hated rival in the opener. It is said that these "rivalry" games are more-so for than fans rather than the players, but let me tell ya, A LOT of people here in the area is uncharacteristically energized this whole week, fans or players... 

All week, there has been "spirit week", with all sorts of events leading up to this game. The city of Washington DC, as well as surrounding counties in the Metro area, officially declared this whole week "Redskins Week", there were special "Beat Dallas" T-shirts made, all over the roads (and railways), commuters were honking if they "hate Dallas", and earlier today, there were even several pep rallies.

Over the past few years, we didn't have all of this. Just goes to show the magnitude of the importance that this matchup has to the people in this region. This is so, not only because most of the people around here live and breathe the Redskins football team, but also because the Cowboys have their share of fans here too (I'll post another blog about the Cowboys and their fans tomorrow). I highly doubt they are doing all of this in Dallas (although, I could be wrong).

Although, I will say that the players probably don't need all of this to get ready to play. In fact, most of the true and loyal fans probably don't need all of this to get pumped up either. Just the excitement of a new game, and a new season should be enough to wake you up. 

However, despite all of this, I do think that overall, this "spirit week" could be a good thing. Although I heard many people say that these activities make the fanbase and the region look hokey and cheesy, and in a way, flatters Dallas by putting them on a pedestal... I feel that any function that unites people under a common purpose, spark lots of activity, creates buzz around the region, as well energy and positive memories, is something that we definitely need more of. Therefore, I'm totally okay with all the pep rallies, amplified trash talk, etc.

I'll go ahead and throw my hat in for this "Redskins Spirit Week". Check out this video that I made about a couple of years ago...

I actually sent this video to Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic, and they decided to feature it in their website for a little while (if you don't believe me, see the watermark in the screen). As you can see, as a passionate Redskins fan, I have quite the disdain for Dallas myself, and admittedly, was rather brash with my trash talk (though I kept it civil and intelligent). 

Like I said, I do plan on doing a blog on my thoughts about the Dallas Cowboys (not so much about the team itself, but mostly around their luster, and why a lot of people here detest them so much). I may even get to the reasons why I said the words I said in that video.

Overall, I do think it's awesome to see that this "spirit week" and the start of the football season really put this area in such a ruckus of excitement. I'm all for anything that gets people pumped. I just can't imagine how this would carry on when the game actually kicks off on Sunday night. 

It should be fun...


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