"DC" Skins Postgame - Week 3 - Ramn You!

For the Redskins, this game was a terrible game all around. I stand by what I said yesterday about the Redskins. The team is a lot better than they were (and what they showed today), and they SHOULD have won that game, handily. Unfortunately, they didn't show up.

They were outplayed in both sides of the ball. The Rams gave their rookie quarterback have a lot of time to throw, stay poised, and literally have his way with the Redskins. They let no-name receivers have solid games (conveniently one week after DeAngelo Hall complained about not covering the opposing #1 receiver the week before), and they didn't even need their main weapon Steven Jackson (who was pulled out early due to injury). The Redskins couldn't even stop their back up running backs, who literally ran down their throats, and controlled the 2nd half.

The Ram defense wasn't that impressive. The Redskins offense was just terrible. Although they seemed to have gotten better with the run (as expected and predicted), they got away from it once the Rams kept answering back. From the moment the game started when the Redskins fell down early by 14, they couldn't seem to get the upper hand. When the Redskins got close, most of the time, they'd kick field goals instead of get touchdowns. They left a lot of points in the board.

This was a discouraging loss to the Redskins and Redskins Nation. They lost to an opponent that they should have beaten handily. But not only did they lose, they lost by the same margin that I predicted them to win. (Good thing I'm not being paid to be an analyst, LOL). However, based on this performance, Redskins fans should be VERY discouraged during the week they play a Philadelphia Eagles team with a red-hot quarterback.

With that being said, I could be wrong. As evidenced by yesterday's post, it wouldn't be the last time. Donovan McNabb could still be ultra motivated to play his former team, and his team will rally around him. Who knows... if they pull a game like how they played an undefeated Saints team early last December, they might have a chance. In a league full of professionals, there's always a puncher's chance. This could be the loss they need to help them turn things around. You never know...

What I do know, is that Redskins fans around the DC area wouldn't like listening to sports radio this week, and sports media and personalities won't like going to work. It's always dreary in the town of DC after a bad loss, and there were many dreary days last year, with the low point being the loss to the winless Lions. This loss isn't as bad as that Lions loss, but it ranks up there, considering it was against a rookie quarterbacking a team that was trying to stop a huge losing streak that carried from the previous year. But as I said last year when the Redskins lost to the Lions, don't get down from one loss, even it's the worst loss in the world. You can't get mad at things you can't control.

I will say, that if the Redskins could happen to pull out a win against Philadelphia next week, they will somewhat redeem themselves. Whether or not that will happen, and if they can prepare themselves to make it happen, is another story.

We'll see...


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