Well here it is! The blog that many have been waiting for. I'm going to try to keep this blog short and sweet, and get straight to the announcement. So without further ado, here is the big news... 

From now until the end of labor day (or some time early in the morning of September 7th), I will be marking down all of my "ULTIMATE Crash Course" products. I will be slashing the prices of my CD, as well as my books SIGNIFICANTLY... BY MORE THAN 50%. Here's the link...


My CD, which was originally just under $24 (if you bought it in my website, or in Amazon), is now available for $10. That's an astounding 59% reduction. You can also get not one, but both of my books combined for a price of $10! These books retail for $12.97 each, which means that you can get both of the books for LESS than the price of one! But the best thing is, if you want to get all 3 "ULTIMATE Crash Course" titles (the CD and both books), you can get them all for a paltry $17. Throw in the fact that you'll have awesome extra bonuses shipped with your order... AND that everything is shipped to you for FREE. I'm pretty much going nuts with this. How awesome is that?!

In case you're wondering what my motivation is for doing this... I wanted to do this because I know that this economy sucks, people are struggling, and tons of people are either unemployed or broke. Therefore, I wanted to make my brand of motivation as accessible as possible, and give as much of it as I can (reasonably). And what better time to do it, during a long holiday weekend when everybody will be home. Although, I would say that me choosing the labor day weekend is purely coincidence. (Being that labor day is a holiday dedicated to hard work, and not being afraid to die believing in your work).

All in all, I feel that as tough as it is today, we need to some form of motivation and inspiration more than ever. And the fact that a lot of kids just started school, the need to achieve and to motivate others to achieve is something that needs to be prevalent. And by doing this "super sale", I am offering some great "ultimate motivation" and insight at the most affordable price you will ever get it. Ask many motivational speakers how much they will charge for their advice and time... and I can guarantee that most of the "experts" you ask will laugh at you if you offer them $10 for their time. In fact, there are even some speakers out there that are so full of themselves, that they will probably charge you more than $10 to have lunch with them, while making you pay for the lunch.

So I would say that this is the perfect time to get some quality motivational products at a very low price. But like it says in the page... if you want to take advantage of this, you better act soon, as this deal will only be available during this Labor Day weekend. So come September 7th, this page will disappear and the respective prices will go back up to what they normally sell for.

In any event, I do encourage you to take advantage of this. Even if you have previously bought any of these titles, take advantage of it again and get copies for your friends. I'm sure you know at least one person that can use something like this. Give the gift of motivation. (Not to mention, you can keep the wristbands and stickers for yourself if you like). If you don't want to buy it for them, encourage them to get it for themselves by forwarding them the page. 

I can guarantee though that if you do take advantage of this deal, no matter if you keep your order for yourself, or if you give it to someone else, you will feel like a much better person for it in the long run.

Here's the link one more time...


Happy Labor Day!


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