"DC" Skins Pregame - Week 3 - at St. Louis

After the last week Redskins disappointing yet encouraging loss, they are playing an 0-2 St. Louis Rams team. As I said last week, this good be a perfect bounce-back game for them, and I'm sticking by that.

When I listened to the DC media all through out the week, I heard that there were some worried about the game. Many were worried because of how the Skins played the Rams last year when they almost blew it, and also when they played them two years ago, when they blew it and gave them their first win. Some were worried because they played New England Patriots in the preseason, in the notable 3rd game that played the starters, and pretty much played well against them. Despite all of this, I am going against what a lot of people around here are saying, and say that this will be a relatively easy win for the Redskins. Here's why...

First of all, this Redskins team is clearly a different team from the last two years. They are better coached and seem to now have leadership at quarterback. So results that took place in the last two years shouldn't be overestimated. As far as these Rams blowing up the Patriots in pre-season, even though the starters got most of the reps that game, it still doesn't mean jack. I've noticed that most of the great teams in preseasons use the exhibition games more as tuneups rather than a serious measure of skill. And teams that usually end up very solid throughout the regular season would have bad pre-seasons (such as the Colts, who more often that not, have terrible pre-seasons).

Even though the Redskins lost last week, I still felt the positives outweighed the negatives. It's always bad to give up a 17 point lead, and currently have a 32nd ranked (out 32) running game, but McNabb and the passing game seemed to have woken up, and they lit up the scoreboard with just about everyone involved last week.

The Redskins defense was only bad for 1 quarter this season, and I don't think they'll be that bad at any point against the Rams. I see this defense getting to Sam Bradford, as he is still green and will commit mistakes, and the Rams offensive line has as much issues as the Redskins (if not more). The only notable weapon they have on offense is their running back Stephen Jackson, and I don't see him carrying the team enough to win the game.

And, as far as the Redskins' 32nd ranked running game, this is a good game to get better, as the Rams' have the 32nd ranked defense against the run. Clinton Portis, and whoever else will be in the backfield should have solid games and should break a combined 3-digits on the ground, which should ultimately set up the pass. And, after the defense got embarrassed last week in the final quarter, they should be looking for some redemption, and should protect the lead better should they get it.

The Vegas line has the Redskins as 4 point road favorites. I have them covering that total easily, as I see this being a double-digit win for the Redskins. Ultimately, the Rams still have more general issues all-around in both sides of the ball, and it should show up in the scoreboard. And like I said, the Redskins should be looking for some redemption.

Final score prediction... Redskins 31 Rams 17

I see the Redskins up significantly after the 3rd quarter, and I don't see them blowing that lead. I do see them giving up a garbage touchdown towards the 4th quarter during a prevent defense, but they should pretty much hold the Rams in check. 

I will say though, if the Redskins do happen to screw up, and blow this game, people around this area will start panicking. Although, people always say that it's hard to win in this level (since everybody is a professional), this is a game the Redskins should win. But, with how things turned out last year for the Redskins (with the team dealing many winless teams their first win), it would be understandable why this sentiment would be prevalent in this area.

But as I said, I feel this is a different team, and the results shouldn't be the typical results that fans of this team have come to expect during the past few years. We'll see in about 20 1/2 hours if I'm correct. I think I will be.


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