Just wanted to use my 75th blog post to remind all my readers and my social network friends and followers that the big exciting OBECorp surprise is coming up!

In fact, I'll tell you the time frame when I will approximately break the news. I will be breaking the news first in this blog tonight between midnight and 3am EST. I will definitely be staying up late tonight, just for you. (I'll try to stay up anyway for the last meaningless Redskins preseason game).

Since this blog automatically feeds to my twitter, the news will be breaking on twitter shortly after this blog is posted. But, I won't be posting the news, nor the blog entry on Facebook until tomorrow morning. 

I will also be sending e-mails to my e-mail list come tomorrow afternoon telling them about it. However, I won't be sending the e-mails until tomorrow afternoon (when everybody is probably off of work). So, if you've signed up for my e-mail list in my website, you will be hearing from me there as well.

But once this announcement is made

Just to give you a hint on what this surprise will actually be... let's just say that I'm making "ultimate motivation" more accessible.

Curious yet? Stay tuned. ;-)


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