Passion = Craziness???

If you happen to stalk me on Facebook (and don't worry, I don't mind, but actually flattered if you do), you might have noticed something written in the "About Me" section under life philosophies I subscribe to. One statement says... 
you have to put passion and heart in everything you do, even if you sometimes look crazy for doing it
I really believe in those words, and take them into heart. If you have ever seen me give a presentation, whether it be a good one, but most especially during a bad one... you would be able to tell. If I truly believe in something, I am not afraid to stick my neck out there, risk my well-being as well as my pride, and sometimes even look like an idiot, while doing so.

Back when I was younger, I didn't subscribe to this philosophy so much, and because I haven't, I have had many regrets and disappointments. And those disappointments came in the form of complacency, boredom, and lack of relationships (whether it be with the opposite sex, or people in general).

Since then, I have taken more risks and was less afraid to show people my true passions and how I really feel about things. I have not been afraid to give complete strangers hugs, tell people what I feel about them (although it may make them cry tears of joy or anguish), or sometimes be overly loquacious or vocal when I probably shouldn't be. Do I still experience disappointments? Unfortunately, yes. And, there were even times when I was ridiculed behind my back. But that kind of disappointment nor ridicule combined would not outweigh the disappointment of myself thinking what could have been if I didn't show my true nature. 

As much as I laughed at the Phil Davison speech I posted in this blog a couple of days ago, I have respect for what he did. Even though he looked silly and committed a lot of public speaking no-nos (you'd think he would know better with his Master's Degree in communication), I had to respect what he did because he stuck himself out there and passionately talked about what he believed in (even if he looked like a crazed lunatic while doing so). This is sort of reminiscent of Howard Dean's memorable scream a few years ago when he ran for office (although imo, Dean wasn't as over-the-top, although it was more scrutinized because he was running for President at the time).

But, don't get this confused with me saying that you should just go crazy and do anything you want. You should take risks and show your passion, but they should still be calculated risk. Passion should only fuel the fire of your cause, not guide it. In my opinion, that's like driving a high powered car while blindfolded.

So I just want to end this in saying that you shouldn't be afraid to show your passion, and do what your heart is telling you to do... even if you will eventually look crazy for doing it. But at the same time, you still have to be calculating and know what you're doing. And if you get ridiculed and rejected, so what?...

"An instance of humiliation bears less burden than a long period of thinking of what could have been."


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