DC does not stand for "Dallas Cowboys"

As promised (and in the spirit of Redskins vs Cowboys rivalry to kickoff opening season), I will offer a few thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys (but mostly, their DC area fans).

This entry will expand on the video that I posted on yesterday's blog (which was featured by Comcast Sportsnet for a while). When you walk around here in the DC area, you will definitely not find a shortage of Dallas Cowboy jerseys, and flags sporting Dallas Cowboy flags or decals. Yes, there is a huge so-called fanbase of Dallas Cowboy fans in this area. Through my eyes, here are the reasons why...

I feel that most are Dallas Cowboy "fans" here are only fans just to spite the Skins. Most feel that the Redskins have disappointed them over the years (and arguably, you can't argue that because of how the Daniel Snyder regime turned out), therefore, many in this area feel they have to cheer for this team's most hated rival. As I've said in that video in my last entry, most of the so-called Dallas fans in this area have not been to Dallas, or anywhere near Texas, and probably can't point Dallas out in the map. And yet they claim that team, and claim their traditions like it's been part of them their whole lives. I call the "BS" card on that. Respectfully, the way I see it, most Dallas Cowboy fans here are poseurs, because the only reason why they are "fans", is because they are "anti-fans" of the Redskins. Most Dallas Cowboy fans that I know around here, talk about the Redskins just about as much (if not more) than they do than their so-called team. So the way I see it, I see them as closet Redskins fans, rather than the "true" Cowboy fans that they have labeled themselves as.

Most of the Cowboy fans here in DC are contrarians. I've been told, they show up to Redskins pre-season exhibition games (such as the Buffalo Bills game that took place about a month ago) that don't count and mean nothing (that their team has no part in), and show up in their Cowboys jerseys, just because they crave the negative attention. They enjoy "trolling" on others' experience, try to steal the thunder of fans trying to have fun enjoying their team in their stadium, and do so in an elitist type of attitude, because "their" team has owned the rivalry over the past few years. If the Redskins were actually playing the Cowboys in those games... fine, but preseason games? Really???

That's what I have a problem with. As someone who tries to look at the positive in many things, and as a motivator who tries to encourage the positive within people, I have a problem with that "trolling" attitude. I have little respect for people who try to steal others' joy, no matter what the situation. I mean, I can respect some good trash talk between fans, but if you cross that line and it's evident that you're just trying to be a jackass, just for the sake of being a jackass with an elitist type of attitude, then that's when I lose that respect.

I will say, for the most part, I don't have a problem with the Dallas Cowboys fans who are actually from Dallas or Texas. They grew up with that team, and can appreciate that team for what they are, because they've been around them. Not to mention, a lot of the Cowboy fans that I actually know who are from Texas that ended up here, are intelligent football fans that can actually carry a decent discussion (unlike many of the "fans" from here in DC). 

Now, if you hate the Redskins, and feel that you have to cheer for Dallas to reinforce that... fine. But, I would think, that if you hate the Redskins so much and want nothing to do with them, and not watch, see, or hear from them as little as possible, I would think you'd want to cheer for another team from another division who play the Redskins very rarely when it matters (like the Baltimore Ravens for example, who are local and actually have a respectable and solid football organization). IMO, cheering for a fierce division rival knowing they'll frequently play the team you hate, is almost like a divorced man getting re-married to his ex-wife's sister. Though you should get away from a bad memory, you go to something that will else that will fuel that memory further.

That's my opinion. I'm sure many people won't like it, but I'm equally sure that there are many who agree with it. Take it for what it is. I just wanted to offer some insight from my point of view on why a lot of Dallas Cowboy fans around here are understandably looked down on. 

Not to mention, this is what makes these rivalries fun for the fans... civil trash talk with well thought out points and blogs from passionate fans.


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  1. Love it. Trying to figure out why there are so many Cowboys' fans in the DMV. If you come across any please send them my blog http://bit.ly/b5bb9h. I'm doing a documentary. I'd like to get you on camera talking about DC doesn't stand for Dallas Cowboys, too.