Spending the Friday Night...

...tucking in some kids.

My brother and his wife is celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary in Upstate New York/Canada to see the Niagra Falls, and my other brother and I decided to spend the weekend taking care of our nephew (Joey) and niece (Cady), 6 and 3 respectively.

So far, it's been interesting. I took them shopping, and let them pick clothes and toys (as long as they're reasonable). Afterward, I took them to the mall's playground, let them drink milkshake, and they've crashed from a sugar high a couple hours after coming home. Fun...

Let me just say, you haven't lived if you haven't tried to change a 6-year old who's stubbornly sound asleep in the fetus position from his outdoor clothes to his pajamas. 

Even though I haven't always been big on spending long Friday nights getting trashed and clubbing (like most single people my age), this is still a change of pace. And honestly, I'm okay with it. Babysitting these kids always provides good training for the future, I always say. Not to mention, these kids love me about as much as (maybe even more than) I love them. Many people have always said I'm a natural with kids.

Future father of the year... this guy. LOL


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