Self-Perception vs. Self-Deception

All my life, people have told me things that discredit me. Ever since I was young, cynics, peers, friends, and even family members and loved ones, have called me things like "unstable", "untalented", "worthless", and "failure". Some said those things, having my best interests at heart (after all, as I said, some of these statements came from "loved ones"). But regardless who said those things, they proved to be hurtful, and I believed them for a while (because, in all honesty, there were some truth to them).

I've learned something in my life, and it is something that has resonated with me for years. If you believe in something strong enough, your mind will assimilate to accept it as truth, regardless if it is actually true. When people have called me all those negative things, I felt extremely depressed at those times, and felt exactly what I was being called. Many times, even worse.

And it was these times, when I would read or listen to inspirational scripture, self-help books, and general motivation literature or products. When I did, I was encouraged, because I was convinced that I'm not worthless, and that I am valuable to this world, and to people I come in contact with. The right words made me believe I am talented, and have tons to contribute. And when I got away from negativity, and at times found positivity by people encouraging me, and telling me that I am awesome (even though many things around me told and showed me likewise)... I really believed it. And because I believed it, people have called me inspirational, and I felt inspirational, even at the moments when I felt I had better days.

So whatever you're feeling right now, take the negative thoughts on your head, the toxic "truth" (more accurately... "half truths") that people tell you and purge it out of your system. As much as you don't like to admit it... these things can slowly grow and hurt you. Then replace it with positive visions... visions of greatness, the greatness that you aspire to be (but haven't reached), and convince yourself that you are and will be that greatness.

Some may say that doing what I just said in that last paragraph is considered, "self deception". I don't. I believe that if you envision and focus a lot on something that you ASPIRE to be, and you do your best to become that aspiration, by thinking like it, acting like it, and owning it, you aren't lying to yourself. If it is something that your HEART truly wants... it is a HUGE part of your being. You aren't being "fake" by thinking in that way. In fact, you are more "real" by doing so for accepting your true desires and what your heart really wants, more-so than if you keep accepting your undesired "truth".

So in case you have naysayers and in case you are doubting yourself, just envision yourself truly being great. I've learned most of my life, that people like to knock you down, and once you're down, they'll try their best to keep you down, so you can be as miserable as they are. But in reality, you have done something great in your life (most people have). And because that's so, you aren't worthless, you ARE talented. Focus on that particular truth, and you shall overcome your obstacles around you (and within you).

"Perceive your true awesomeness within... and you shall achieve it."


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