OBE's Twitter = Glorified Status Update Thought Portal


A lot of people know that I haven't always been a big advocate of Twitter. I have always preferred Facebook more, because it makes it easier to keep up with people in your network. I've always felt that twitter was more of a glorified status update, and in a way, is a little colder than Facebook, because the people you connect with doesn't necessarily have to connect with you.

However, if you have been following me on Twitter during the past few days, I've been using it a lot more. Since it kind of is a "glorified status update", I will use it as a more intimate thought portal of all sort of updates. Whatever is on mind, whatever I might be doing, I will try put it in my twitter (so long as it is appropriate and won't have serious future repercussions on me). It could be about business, it could be about motivation, it could be about sports... whatever. It will even give you a more frequent, and a more intimate look of what might be on my mind, and what I like to talk about, no matter how fun (or boring) you think it might be. All my feeds will also automatically feed into my twitter (whether it be this blog, or other things I post on the internet). I'm thinking that's what the original creators of Twitter had in mind as how to use this website, when they came up with that idea.

Though I will use Twitter in this manner, I will keep Facebook a less-cluttered haven for important updates for the people I've connected with. I'm proud to say, I have met, and know most of the people on my Facebook account, and want to use that website for special updates and make it easy for the people to follow my profile and are genuinely interested in what I do to easily interact with me. On the flip side, I interact with my Facebook friends too, and having my profile less cluttered will help me do just that. I want to continue to use Facebook as a place to interact (after all, you can't greet "Happy Birthday"). 

But another "FYI" about Twitter as it relates to Facebook, I also do feed my Facebook status updates on twitter (with the hashtag #fromFB). Therefore, if you want to know about what I'm thinking on Facebook, you'll see it on Twitter too.

So Twitter will be my everything page. It's still on it's "experimental stage" but it will definitely be feeding a lot about me, and you can really get to know me (even my leisure side) from twitter. Don't worry, I will not be keeping my updates "niched" like a lot of so-called marketing experts who are only on social media to try to sell you something... (I'm sure you've seen a lot). Since I haven't been a big advocate of twitter, I unfortunately haven't gotten a lot of followers on it. Whether I get more followers from doing this or not, wouldn't be the main objective of me doing this...

The main reason why I'll be doing this, is because as some kind of "public figure", we have to find better ways to genuinely connect with the world and be more transparent. Connecting through social media provides that. And, frequent updates (no matter how insignificant it may be to the reader), will provide that kind of transparency and help us more become more relatable.

So if you haven't already, follow me on Twitter at @OBECorp. It'll be fun...


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