10-10-10: A Day of Destiny?

In my opinion, it has been great that we've been having all of these same month/day/year dates since the turn of the millennium. To me, it's pretty serendipitous that we've had these kinds of dates. Some argue that there's something special about these days. People usually try to plan something special during these days... like schedule a big event (like a wedding), try to induce early labor and have a baby, or just do something really great. (In case you don't remember, the Summer Olympics started in China at 8-8-08 two years ago). Many say something good happens during these days. Some are even calling it a "day of destiny".

It's always great to have these "special days". After all, these days only take place 12 times every century. However, in my opinion, days don't have to match the month and years for it to be special. Any day is as great as you make it.


PS: If you were expecting my Redskins postgame blog, I'll do one tomorrow morning. (But, they won, and beat a decent team, so it should be a fun one for me to write). Just thought I'd get this one out of the way first before the day is over.

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