Resolve to Be Destined in 2010

Today marks the end of 2009. Therefore, I just want to take the time to talk about something that a lot of people are doing during this time of the year... which is making New Years resolutions.

I have strong feelings about making New Years Resolutions. But before I talk about them, let me talk about how some people feel about making these resolutions. Some people make them, but give up on them by the end of February (in many cases, by the end of January). Some people don't make them simply because they simply see no point because they'll end up like the people in the previous reason. Some people don't make them because they say that New Years resolutions shouldn't be made because of the fact that we shouldn't only look to change ourselves for the better only once a year, but we should do it constantly during our whole lives. Let me address my thoughts on these two topics now...

First, I want to say that I do firmly believe in making New Years Resolutions. Since I do, let me go ahead and address the first two reasons in the previous paragraph. As somebody who studies motivation (and pretty much lives and breathes it), people give up on their resolutions, because they look at them as tasks, but more importantly, they don't look at them as goals which will eventually help them grow to be better. Most people give them up early, usually because they expect results right away, and sometimes get discouraged when they don't materialize right away. Not to mention, it is hard to break a routine of not doing something you haven't been doing for a long time, and when you finally decide you want to do it, it's kind of hard of getting into the habit of doing it. So, just a few simple tips to get around this... make a record of your resolutions (aka goals) and have them close to you. Have them in a notebook/journal, put it on a log in your computer, or whatever! But, try to review them as much as you can to constantly remind you of them, and what you want to become. Another tip... a good way to make a habit of doing something that Jack Canfield recommended in his book "The Success Principles" is to make a commitment to do it 2 weeks straight, no excuses. If you do that, no matter what the habit is (good or bad) more often than not, it's going to stay with you for life. (For example, I can't start a day without brushing my teeth or doing pushups after getting up from bed, nor can I eat a meal without saying grace, simply because I have made a habit of it.)

As far as the other reason is concerned, about not making them simply because we should constantly reflect and change ourselves for the better everyday, and not just during the turn of the calendar... Yes, that is true, and I will absolutely agree with that. But, do most people who say this actually do it? I am willing to bet you that those who say this, don't constantly take the time to reflect upon themselves nor constantly think about how they could be better, each and every single day. Therefore, a lot of people who say this, are just making an excuse and usually just using these words as a "cop out" to not look at their situation and try to be better.

I believe New Years Resolutions exist because I feel, that as a society, we all have to make them. And though I agree that we shouldn't only reflect upon ourselves during the New Year, it is a great time to do it, because it gives us a chance to really look back on what we have previously accomplished (whether it be in the previous year, or in life), and what we can do moving forward and evolve as human beings, since the calendar directly tells us (while our mind subconsciously tells us) that we are beginning another era of our lives.

So, I really do believe that we all should make "New Years Resolutions", because it will ultimately make us better. But once we make it, we should make a commitment of sticking by it (and a good tip is to keep a record and stick with it every single day for at least 2 weeks straight, NO EXCUSES!). Even if it's a small resolution, go ahead and make it, because if you accomplish it, it will give you the confidence to make it bigger as the year goes on. (Like I said, New Year's Resolutions shouldn't only last during the first two months, but for the whole year).

With that, I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May your 2010 be the year of "DC", the year of the "Destiny Chooser". May you continue to evolve and take huge steps in becoming the best person that you are destined to be! :-)

D4P...PD!!! (in 2010 and beyond)

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