Snowmageddon (pt. 1)

In case you have been following the weather reports on television, parts of the Mid-Atlantic is supposed to get record snow. Here in the DC area, we are supposed to get pounded.

Here are a few pictures from my mobile phone that I posted in my facebook page earlier this morning.

As I'm writing this, it doesn't look like the snow is slowing down as of yet. We had another huge blizzard this past December (which led to us having a "white Christmas"), and this one looks like it may surpass that. The biggest blizzard I remembered having, I believe I was in Middle School (The Blizzard of '96). We missed about a week of school during that blizzard, if I recall correctly. Not sure if it's going to reach that level, but as I said, it looks like we're getting pounded really hard.

Not sure how this will effect the Superbowl viewing parties/celebrations here in the DC area. But, as of now, it looks like it's a little hard to get around. It would be nice to be in Miami or New Orleans right now.

More updates later...

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