Snowmageddon (pt. 2)

The blizzard this past weekend is over and done. It has set several records around the area (Dulles International Airport has gotten 32.4" of snow... CRAZY!!!). Where I'm located, we've gotten a legit 23.8" of snow (almost 2'). I actually created a video to demonstrate the enormity of this blizzard.

The snow on the ground was so much, that it totally swallowed my whole 12 inch ruler, vertically. (insert girlfriend joke here, just kidding, hahaha).

But in all seriousness, this blizzard was huge. I shoveled that weekend probably for a total of 8 1/2 hours.

What's even better... we're getting more snow as I'm typing this. We've gotten about an extra 6" earlier this evening, then it started sleeting, and we're supposed to get a bit more overnight. There's still a legit 20" still in the ground from the blizzard over the weekend, after after this particular storm is over, we're supposed to get an extra 10-12 extra inches. You do the math.

This blizzard has just been too much. It's definitely a lot more than I can ever remember (even more than the Blizzard of '96, which was the blizzard I mentioned in the previous blog about this storm season). It's only Tuesday, and it's already announced the kids around here already have the whole week off. On top of "snowmageddon" or "snowpocalypse", people are also calling this a "snowverload". I believe that last term is totally appropriate... because we've had enough. (I wouldn't mind the snow so much if the county does a little better job plowing it's roads).

So if the Snow gods are reading this... PLEASE no more snow. Too much white stuff could be bad.

But on an unrelated note, definitely check out my Superbowl prediction blog that I wrote before the big game. Surprisingly, I got a lot of stuff right (even predicted a score on defense, and for a wild card to steal the game for the Saints... which in this case, was the gutsy onside kick call that kicked off the 2nd half).

More updates to come (hopefully the more positive kind).

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