I have been neglectful...

If I was a parent, and this blog was my child, I would be in jail. I have been terrible with this blog and I haven't kept up with it for the past few months. I have been update-less for more than a month and a half.

The thing is, there hasn't been a shortage of things to talk about. There has been lots of things going on, from the BP oil spill, to the fluctuating (or so it seems) economy, to all the things going on in sports (with my local and favorite basketball professional team drafting a superstar last month, as well with NFL training camp starting this past week). I even had my birthday earlier this month. Truly, there has not been a shortage of topics to talk about.

So what's the problem? Is it time? Am I too busy? Have I been too pre-occupied? The answer to all of those questions are no. And even if those were the case, I should still find some time to do a little bit of OBE typing. I have just been spending a little time reflecting about the next move(s) I'm possibly gonna make, and where I'm going to be in the next five or ten years. And the reason why I haven't been blogging, is because some of those things I'm thinking about, I'd rather keep to myself (for now), and I'll talk about them when the time is right.

But even so, I haven't been fair to this blog, and to my few readers. Therefore, I'm going to make time for it, starting today, and to begin the month of August. This blog is approaching it's 1 year anniversary, so I definitely have to do something special with it to "commemorate it".

So starting tomorrow, I'm going to announce something I'm going to do. And I promise you, for anyone who have been reading and actually showed a little interest in whatever is in my mind, you will be rewarded!

Come August... "OBE's Dose" is gonna have a whole new meaning. Stay tuned...

D4P... PD!!!

PS: Being it's still officially July, I had to make this post, to officially get a post for the month. Couldn't have a month without a post, you know. ;-)

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