Are You Ready for Some Football???

I sure am!!!

The NFL season officially kicks off tomorrow, and I am pretty excited about it. I just want to take a little time to offer some thoughts, and just make a few simple and non-serious predictions (for entertainment purposes of course)...

  • The top teams looking the most solid going into the season would be the Patriots, Ravens, and the Eagles. The Chargers should also be even better since they'll get "Light's Out" back.
  • The Bears, 49ers, and Jaguars could probably be the surprise teams this season.
  • The Cowboys and Giants aren't gonna be as great as some people are saying they will be.
  • Brett Favre will either make or break the Vikings
  • The Lions will NOT go 0-16.
  • Brett Favre will either be injured or not starting if the Vikings don't have a winning record by the bye week and/or if they don't beat the Packers. (They'd already have played the Packers twice and have a favorable first half schedule, with the exception of the Steelers).
  • Vick will be a valuable weapon in the Philly offense.
  • Regular Season... Best: Chargers, Worst: Buccaneers, Sleeper: 49ers (picking them to challenge for the NFC West)
  • Fantasy... Stud: Phillip Rivers, Dud: Tony Romo, Sleeper: Ray Rice
  • Superbowl matchup: Eagles vs. Ravens
As far as my Redskins are concerned, they are not as bad as most people are saying they are gonna be. They have a decent chance to go over 10 wins (but also a decent chance to lose 10, if not careful). Regardless, I don't think they will lose that much, considering the talent level. I am also predicting that their 5th-string WR Marko Mitchell could potentially be their version of Marques Colston, and could make it to the #2 WR spot by the end of the season. And, since I said the Cowboys and Giants may not be as good as people say they will be, I believe they have a decent chance to challenge in the division.

One reason why I really love football season, is that it provides the best drama out of all the sports, and provides great story telling, with several plot lines, characters, and coverage. And as a speaker, I can appreciate that kind of "art".

But, those are just a few thoughts. I am so pumped for this season. I love this time of the year!



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