"DC" Skins PREgame #9 - What Game?

The Redskins aren't playing this week, so I don't have anything specific to write about when it comes to "pregame" thoughts this week. During bye weeks, most sports blogs covering the Redskins would evaluate what the team has done so far, and what it can do to move on or get better. Frankly, I'm tired of reading about the McNabb-Shanahan controversy, bench gate, how our best cover cornerback can't catch, and how our best catching cornerback can't cover, so I'll refrain talking about the Redskins. They don't have a game until Monday the 15th, so there's definitely a long gap in between games. I will say though, that as far as recovery, this bye week came at a perfect time for the Redskins... right in the middle of the season, since you won't get burned out by having a bye week too late, nor do you lose your rhythm by having your bye too early.

But instead of talking about the Redskins, I'll just talk about Week 9 in general, and some short general thoughts...

I don't think there are really intriguing matchups this week that really jump out at you. The most, I guess would be Tampa Bay and Atlanta, since both teams are in the same division, and both locked in at 5-2 fighting for the top spot. I will say, that I am still not sold on Tampa, and I am pretty sure that the Falcons should win this game handily, and make the Bucs look like pretenders, while making themselves serious contenders in the NFC with the Giants.

Indy and Philly kind of looks interesting, considering that it is rumored that Michael Vick will be back. But, of course, I'm rooting for Peyton Manning and the Colts, because any loss by division rivals is a good one for the Redskins. If Manning looks as good as he did against the Redskins and pick apart that Philly defense, then Indy should have a win.

Kansas City and Oakland is an interesting game, because it's a NFC West rivalry game. We don't care too much about here in the East Coast, but the fans of these teams really value this rivalry. They're both not too far off of each other in the standings, but both are in the top-2 spots of this division, so this should be an interesting game.

I guess Pittsburgh and Cincinnati is an intriguing game as well, since they are also both on the same division, both with a lot of talent. Not to mention, they both love to talk trash to one another, which should make the matchup even more entertaining. But, since the Bengals are having a disappointing year, and the Steelers have managed to keep the ship together when their quarterback didn't play, the edge will go to Pittsburgh. But, don't be surprised if this game is close, or if Cincinnati happens to pull it off.

I will probably end up watching the Ravens and Dolphins game though. I could care less about this matchup, but since the Ravens are the team that I pay attention to whenever the Redskins aren't playing, I will probably see this game. There's nothing intriguing to me about this match though. However, I have bought in to the fact that the Ravens will go pretty far. Their offense can still use a good amount of work, but they are still one of the most balanced teams around.

I do have a meeting in my church that I have to attend after church, so I will be missing a good amount of the early games. I probably might not be watching too much of the late games either, considering that the Capitals play the Flyers later that afternoon.

But with that, it should still be an interesting week to watch football... so if you have nothing else better to do, go ahead and watch.


PS: Don't forget to set your clock back before bed.

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