Normally, I'm all for acknowledgment. When someone does something notable (hoping that it's great) it deserves to be recognized. However, this blog post will discuss the other end of the spectrum (sort of).

A couple of nights ago, I attended the Washington Wizards home season opener. Before the game, the Wizards' star rookie, John Wall does the Dougie.

When I saw it, I viewed it as a kid trying to have fun and giving the home crowd something to be excited about in his first home game in the city that he represents, all the while, trying to zap some energy into a franchise that has been in need of it for years.

However, one national radio personality (who will remain nameless on this blog), decided to criticize this, and tried to spin this in the most elitist way possible. He compared Wall doing this dance to low-IQ street thuggery and robbing a bank, and that the "elite" point guards who play and have played in the league will never do something like this.

When I heard this, I just shook my head because it's completely asinine. Many times, I have respect for this guy and his opinions, as I think he usually has educated and well thought out opinions, but it's just obvious that he was just saying this to try to get a reaction... so people will call his radio show, waste some ink and pixels on him in paper or in the blogosphere, or take up bandwidth in YouTube. And believe me... it worked. There's tons of reactions all over the world wide web.

So the lesson to be learned from all this, is that whenever people say asinine things to try to get a reaction, the best thing to do is to ignore them. To give them any kind of reaction or publicity at all just plays into what they want you to do. So the best way to do not do that, is to not give them the light of day, and not do anything relating to them at all.

Look at it from a professional wrestling standpoint... whether you're a good guy and get heavily cheered, or your a bad guy and get severely booed, they are the ones getting paid and the ones with the most job security. If you're someone whom fans aren't sure to cheer or boo and practically gets little or no reaction, then you're gonna have trouble getting booked and getting paid. So the best way to try to make these people to go away is to ignore them.

But if you think about it, by giving John Wall some air time in his show, he probably had the reverse effect of what he intended, and more people probably respected John Wall even more after his rant, considering some well-researched bloggers refuted a lot of his points. Here's an example of such a blog that did a great job in doing so.

So, in case someone is trying to get under your skin... the best thing to do is to just ignore. Don't play into their hands by giving them the time of day.


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