These videos take me back... Way Back

Most people know that I was born in the Philippines. I don't really remember a lot from my very early years in the Philippines, from when I was born to when my family moves to the United States when I was 6, but I found a couple of videos in YouTube that really took me back.

The first is one of my favorite action series when I was growing up. I remembered it as "Bioman". Take a look...

Basically, it's an early version of the Power Rangers (although, not the earliest). I had fond memories of this show, as my brothers and I watched this with some of our friends in our neighborhood, right before "Muppet Babies". A key plot in this show, was when Yellow-4, one of the team members, died because she got killed by the bad guys. I remembered having dreams about that when I was a little kid, and crying. Looking back at some of the clips, I'm surprised how violent this series was, and had a lot of adult situations, considering that this was a kids' show.

Another show I ran into in YouTube that I remembered watching in the Philippines was Batibot. Basically, it's a Filipino Tagalog version of "Sesame Street"...

I remembered a lot about this show, most especially the big goofy turtle. This show would come on right before a real English and American version of Sesame Street. In fact, I learned that this show was actually sponsored and produced by Children's Television Workshop. Kind of makes me wonder though, that from all the Tagalog on this show, that my brother and I was able to "unlearn" Tagalog when we moved here to the US.

I also remembered a lot of other shows. Of course, I do remember watching Voltron, Transformers, and Thundercats, like many normal kids around the world. But as far as Filipino specific shows, I do remember watching a variety show called Eat Bulaga with "Tito, Vic, and Joey" that aired during lunch time. I also remembered watching Filipino soap operas too (which names I couldn't remember), which haunted me for a long time, because of so many "adult situations" like people drowning, and getting run over by cars. I couldn't find YouTube footage of those shows as I remembered them though.

Anyway, it was great to re-live a lot of my early Filipino memories through YouTube. It's always great to see where you came from, even when you were probably way too young to remember anything.

On an unrelated note, I hope Manny Pacquiao wins tonight.


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