Don't Trust "Honesty"

I am up a little bit early today. Can't figure out if this is extra energy (as I've been taking care of myself a little better), or insomnia (as I still have had quite a bit on my mind), but never the less, I thought I will spend a bit of this time doing a blog.

As someone who studied and continuously tries to closely look at human behavior when trying to improve in my craft of being a motivator (although, I will say many aspects of it also naturally fascinate me), there's one particular "life truth" of many that I have learned, and particularly want to share today...

As you can see in the title, it says "Don't Trust 'Honesty'". What I mean by that is, don't trust anyone who is always blatantly working hard trying to convince you they're "honest"...

I'm not going to spend too much time discussing this, but being "honest" doesn't really take convincing. You either naturally are, or you aren't. Genuine honesty is a product of habitual applied good genuine behavior, not a product of practice and rehearsed actions.

Case in point, if somebody usually begins a sentence with... "Hey (your name), I'm totally gonna be honest with you..." or "To be honest..." or something to that regard, chances are, they are probably, naturally a liar. Why? Why would one have to tell (or try to convince) somebody that they are gonna be honest by preceding a statement with that phrase, unless they aren't honest in all, or even a lot of the time? They wouldn't. I know most of us at many points in our lives use this particular phrase to precede a statement, but you will observe, that most who do it the most often, are probably the most dishonest people you know.

If someone ever tells you... "I'm probably the most honest person you would ever know", my advice is... RUN!

What I learned in my short time so far on this Earth, is those who really are "honest" and have great intentions truly live it in their every day lives through good habits, mentality, attitude, and genuine desire to help your fellow man. If you continually have to try to convince others, by continually broadcasting it, then you come off as non genuine, counterproductive, and probably the opposite of what you're trying to portray.

These are just a few things I learned from reading a few books, and through general observations with interacting with people. Agree or not, it doesn't particularly matter, but feel free to debate me on this if it pleases you. Didn't want to make this blog too long... just wanted to get it out there.


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