Congrats to the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings

Just wanted to take a moment to make mention and congratulate the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. They were far from the best team in the regular season (as they barely got in being the 8th seed in the Western Conference), but they were far and away the best team in the whole Stanley Cup playoffs, which I guess is all that matters.

But, just to summarize this playoff run, with the exception of the two games prior to Game 6, this team was DOMINANT. In their road to the final, through their own conference, they went through the 2-time defending President Trophy winning #1 seed Vancouver Canucks, beating them 4-1, they swept the #2 seed St. Louis Blues, and they beat Pacific Division champion #3 seed Phoenix Coyotes. All teams had good to great goaltenders. Fortunately for them, they had a better one in Conn Smythe trophy winning (Playoff MVP) goalie Jonathan Quick.

Honestly, with the way they dominated the prior 3 series, the series against New Jersey should have been a sweep. But, they kind of rested in their laurels in Game 4 and 5, and could have easily let them back in the series. The knockout game is always the hardest to win. However, they took care of business in Game 6, as they pretty much stomped on their throat when they scored 3 goals on a 5-minute major penalty. It was pretty much over.

I would be remissed if I didn't mention how this would relate to my favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals. Honestly, the Capitals' run this season is somewhat similar to the Kings' (as they were both teams with mediocre records, and just got hot at the right time). Not to mention, they both seemed to be built with the future with a good amount of young stars, and are both set at goal with a young star minding the net. Where the Caps went wrong was that they let Game 5 against the Rangers get away from them (as they lost the lead from that game with 6.6 seconds to go), to ultimately lose that game. And they just didn't come to play on Game 7.

But, if this franchise can win its first championship ever, there's hope for the Capitals. These days, it's hard to repeat championships in sports. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings will be up there again next season. It would be nice if the Caps will join them, but they first have to find a coach that will get them there that can build on what they did this year.

Now that hockey season is over, I can focus my sports attention to the NBA Finals, which begin tonight. Oklahoma City and Miami should be an entertaining series with some must-see action and story lines. I'm particularly looking forward to it.


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