Something you wouldn't expect a lifelong basketball fan to say...

I have been a basketball fan for a LONG time. I remembered as far back as my days in Valley View Elementary school, that I enjoyed playing in the hardtop courts with my friends Brendan, Troy, and Barry (just to name a few). I've understood the basics of the game, and the rules aren't overly hard to understand nor are they very complicated. Too bad though, that as soon as I got into middle school, I sucked because I was short, nor was I too good of an athlete. I was in 3rd grade when Michael Jordan (my favorite player of all time), won his first NBA championship. I even wrote a biographical report about Michael Jordan in 5th grade. That's how much I loved basketball.

With that being said, I'm about to say something that you wouldn't from someone who has followed basketball for so long. As far as the NBA playoffs are concerned, the NHL hockey playoffs totally OWNS it!

In my opinion, here are the reasons why... I don't think you really have to understand the game of hockey fully, to truly appreciate it. It is so fast paced, that if you over think every strategy, you may get lost. Honestly, I haven't gotten into hockey until probably the late 90's. When the Caps made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final in 1998, and there was some championship buzz in this area, that's when I really paid attention to it. There's a lot of action, with tons of hits, and physicality. Action never seems to stop in the NHL playoffs, and it's always going 110 mph.

The best part about the hockey playoffs is overtime. Overtime playoff hockey, is the best playoffs there is. It's not even close. You live and die (sometimes literally) with the hockey playoffs. I can't recall how many times my blood pressure seemed to have gone up with every "almost goals" I've experienced in the hockey playoffs.

The reason why I say all this, is that they hockey playoffs (in all likelihood) will end tonight. The Los Angeles Kings are currently playing the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals as I am typing this, and it's likely the Kings will end this series tonight with a sweep (they have been dominant). But the NHL playoffs have been exciting these past couple of months, with so much hockey overtime (including the first 2 games of this series). If you've never seen a minute of the hockey playoffs this year, you've done yourself a huge disservice. So your last chance is to catch it tonight.

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE the NBA playoffs. If the OKC Thunder end up closing out the series tonight against the San Antonio Spurs, I will be ecstatic (as Kevin Durant is one of my favorite current players in the NBA, as he's a local guy). And, the Celtics vs Heat ECF series has been surprising and unexpected (with the Celtics being up 3-2). But even after all that, as a whole, the NHL Playoffs OWNED the NBA Playoffs this year.

The only playoff in sports, in my opinion, is better than the NHL Playoffs, is March Madness. I'll even put it slightly ahead of the NFL Playoffs. The so-called college football BCS is the absolute worst. However, since I do understand basketball more, I could still appreciate the NBA playoffs a lot. If both the Caps and the Wizards are in the playoffs and they are on the same night, it's going to be tough as to decide where my attention will go.

But whatever playoffs you'll be watching, try to enjoy it. But, still, try to catch the Stanley Cup Final game tonight. Like I said, it may be the last game of the season.


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