Meet Mini-OBE

In case you haven't seen him yet, check out mini #OBE!

I had the little guy made when 2012 began. I used some of the money I received from gifts during the December holiday season. I never wanted to pay more than $100 to get one of these made, but luckily, Groupon ran a promotion for AllBobbleheads.com around Chinese New Year where you can get a customized bobblehead for a much lower price by buying one of their vouchers. (I have a feeling they ran this promotion, because they didn't anticipate getting any sales because their Chinese factories were closed, and they had to still make money despite that they won't be producing any until February). Still, I decided to buy the Groupon, because it was such a good deal, even though I would have to wait a while.

Needless to say, it did take a little longer than expected. I didn't get the little mini-me until after Easter, leaving a total of 3 months in production.

However, I was quite satisfied with what they've done. Because of the few extra customizations (the "DC" hat, and the rubber bands), I had to pay a little extra, but I still didn't pay over $100. They did a fabulous job replicating me, as they got a good amount of the detail correct in the face, such as the nose, smile, and the dimples. Not to mention, it's handsome, and the head is a bit over sized, just like in real life.

As I said, I wanted to do this for a while, it's just the price and timing wasn't right. It would've been great to have this little guy around in the background when I was doing my monthly "message of destiny" video series, or when I was in conferences exhibiting and showcasing. This is a great way to sort of market yourself as a brand, and get yourself out there (no pun intended), regardless whether or not you are actually selling something. Not to mention, it's a great icebreaker! Many times when I check in using Foursquare or Facebook Places, I take a picture of the little guy as to where I am.

But, my brother Angelico swears that I'm copying him by doing this, as he brings his 3" Krillin (a character from Dragon Ball who closely resembles him) and takes pictures of it doing certain things and refers to it as himself. However, I've had this idea planted in my mind well beforehand, as a lawyer from the GKIC conference I attended in January 2010 has been doing this (although he didn't do it with social media), and Yoshi Tatsu (a wrestler from the WWE) has been doing it until his rival Tyson Kidd ripped off his action figure's leg in an episode of WWE NXT. Not to mention, it's not like my brother wears an orange gi, with a turtle kanji on it frequently.

But if you haven't done so yet, feel free to follow me on twitter (@OBECorp), or add me on Facebook (the profile badge is to your left) to find out what adventures mini-#OBE will be up to.But so far, it's been to Philippine Embassy, some Washington Nationals games, a few restaurants, etc (just to name a few). It's great! If you take a picture with the little guy, you could get a prize from yours truly.

This little guy is definitely going places, that's for sure.  Keep your eye out. He may be coming to a place near you soon!


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