Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure 2012

Tomorrow marks the day for Susan G. Komen's annual event here in DC. Komen holds all sorts of these runs all over the country, but it's usually held here in DC in the first Saturday of June.

As many of you who know me, I've been running this race for the past 3 years. My mom was had a lump on her breast on April of 2008, and she had a double mastectomy. She endured weeks of pain, and the side effects of her prescription medicine took it's toll on her. Today, she's a proud cancer survivor, but I would not want anyone to go through what she went through. Ever since, I've done what I could to support the advancement of research of breast cancer. What better way of doing it, than supporting this fine organization, which is the leading non-profit for this type of cause.

Unfortunately, for myself, due to my schedule, I will not be able to run the race this year. Running a full-fledged service business full time (practically, on your own), has several of its drawbacks (especially if your customers specifically ask for you). But, I still decided to sponsor my brother Angelico, who is running this race in behalf of this family.

If you have not done so yet, I encourage you to donate. To donate to my brother's page (on behalf of the Obedoza family), click here. That would be highly appreciated, by myself, and my family. But, to make a general donation to Susan G. Komen, visit their website at globalraceforthecure.org.

To those who have or know someone who has suffered from this disease would know exactly what I'm talking about. So, it is imperative that the fight against breast cancer (as well as cancer in general) must be won. Therefore, I encourage you to do what you can and fight back.

Here is the link one more time!


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