A Friend of Mine is a Champ

On August 8th, my good friend Adrian won his first ever mixed martial arts match via a 12 second KO, and a day later, I blogged about it. Two short weeks later, on August 22, he won again, in the first round, but only it's a title match. This time in 2 minutes, with a TKO on strikes. It's not a 12 second knockout, but now he's a light heavyweight champion in the VFL (Valley Fight League) MMA Promotion! How cool is that??

Didn't I say this guy was going places? Two months in the game, and two short fights, and the guy is already a champion! WOW! That's amazing if you ask me. If all goes right, he's the next big MMA star here in the DC area... and from there, who knows?

Definitely proud of the guy. (And even prouder of the fact that he's a friend of mine, and I can say that I've been there since the beginning.) That in itself is a big story of inspiration. He's looking for sponsors people, so if you know anyone who would like to support the next big thing... don't miss out on a good opportunity!



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