Ladies... BE CAREFUL!!!

I believe it was this past Wednesday evening when I was flipping through the channels on the TV. I stopped on CNN's Headline News channel, and the Nancy Grace Show was on. The show was headlined with the murder of professional model Jasmine Fiore. I don't know much about her as a model, nor as a person so I can't elaborate too much on that (but just from simply seeing a few of the pictures, just want to let you know that she probably wasn't my "type", lookswise). Feel free to Google her to see her sites and to pick up some general information.

But to make a long story short, her body was found last Saturday, naked, mutilated, and folded in a suitcase, and thrown into a dumpster in California. It was found that she was strangled to death. To top it off, the prime suspect of this case is a successful real estate agent, who is currently a reality show contestant in VH1.

When I saw this story, it definitely caught my attention. The reason why, is that people who know me know I have sort of a soft spot for women, specifically, beautiful model-types. In fact, there are a select few whom I've met (and haven't met) that I consider friends. (I actually hung out with a Playboy Centerfold, and I asked another model I always highly admired to endorse me.) I was thinking that if something like this happened to any of the beautiful ladies I knew, it would really make my heart sink.

I will reserve my full personal opinions about this case, since I don't personally know all the facts. But, I just want to say to all the ladies out there (models and non-models alike)... BE CAREFUL! Be careful with your actions, be careful with who you keep company, and be careful with how you carry yourself. Most of the time, people generally have the perception that the more beautiful and "established" you are, the more "desired" you are. Though it can lead to great things, it also can also lead to not so great things (as was the case here).

So to all the ladies out there, love yourself enough to be you and stay sweet, but at the same token do the same to always be wary with your surroundings with a watchful eye. You can seriously never be too careful out there.

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who's been affected by this tragedy. RIP JF.


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