Yo Adrian!

I didn't get to see UFC 101 yesterday (as Anderson Silva got a 1st round KO against Forrest Griffin, and BJ Penn defeated Kenny Florian), but for good reason. I got to see a good friend of mine, Adrian Belcarris, win his first Mixed Martial Arts fight. In impressive manner, nonetheless...

Adrian won his match in the first round, in an impressive 12 second knockout with a vicious right hand. This guy was a Maryland wrestling state champion in Oxon Hill High in 2000 (the 2nd in our school's history), but some of us know that as much triumph he's had with his natural abilities (athletic and otherwise), he's also experienced his share of setbacks in his life (which I'm not at liberty to go on record in discussing). But, lets just say that this could be the start of something awesome and very inspiring for Adrian, and I'm very excited for him.

I was definitely proud of my friend yesterday. The value of seeing Adrian win the way he did last night was worth much more than whatever money and time I spent watching him fight instead of watching UFC 101. But, speaking of the UFC, I can definitely look back at this whenever he makes it Vegas and fighting in the Octagon in the next couple of years.



(Update 8/12: Here's a video of Adrian's fight. You know you did a great job if you were able to fit your ring intro, your fight, and your post match interview, in under 5 1/2 minutes in one take).


  1. Thanks for supporting him John. You rock.

  2. john thanks for being there it meant a lot to me I will be certain to infomr you about all other upcoming events.