Full Speed Ahead!!!

By now, everyone probably knows who Usain Bolt is. He is the Jamaican sprinter who everyone took notice of in last year's Olympics. That guy is setting world records left and right. Not only that, he is totally destroying his closest competitors. Have you seen his latest 200 time? 19.19! That is SICK!! Here's a video I found of that race in YouTube...

The question whether or not he is on steroids will always come into question. Many people are worshiping him now, but if he ever gets tested positive, watch how soon people will turn on him and say that "it's not surprising". Regardless, whether he is juicing or not, what he has done is still impressive, and out of this world. When Ben Johnson was juicing, he didn't have the 100 time that Bolt had (9.79 compared to 9.58).

But another intriguing story in the world of track has to do with the South African Caster Semenya. She is a lady runner and is also destroying everybody in her field. The controversy with her is, is she really a woman? Here's a picture...

A lot of people probably have their opinions on her, and I personally will reserve mine. But, I will say that it must be pretty embarrassing for her to be hearing that people are publicly questioning your gender. Hell, I'd be embarrassed if that seriously ever happened to me. However, all that shouldn't take away that she's a great athlete though, and she deserves everything that she has gotten.

(As with many other posts in this blog, I'm sure you can get a few subtle motivational messages from reading this post. I'll let you figure them out for yourself.)

D4P... PD!!!

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