Quick thoughts on NFL Preseaon and Michael Vick

The NFL Preseason kicked off for most of the league tonight. People tend to get overly excited about it, but personally, I think people make too much of it sometimes. It's not really a good measure to see how good your favorite team is going to be, since all the teams are doing is using this time to evaluate their roster. It's hard to get excited, if your team's key players aren't playing, and most of the players who are getting good time will probably not make the team. But, people do get excited for it though, only because people it's really their first taste of a real football game in more than 6 months (which is pretty long of a withdrawal).

My favorite team (the Redskins) played yesterday, and I couldn't say too many opinions due to the reasons I previously mentioned (nor do I want to, since they got punished by the Ravens 23-0). But, like I also said, pre-season is a great way to anticipate and get excited for the upcoming season through excessive marketing and promotion, and it's nothing but a big hype machine until the official start of the season at September 10th officially comes along.

But, the big news today has to do with Michael Vick signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. On paper, the Eagles were already aNFL team that already looks good on paper (barring that they can stay healthy), and them signing Vick would actually be good for them (and as a Skins fan, that would be a little scary).

I didn't like what he's done (smoking pot, killing dogs, etc), but I do believe that he deserves another chance, and I'm glad he got it. It's usually pretty cliche that "people have to be cursed before they can be blessed", and that's potentially the case with Vick here. He had a lot, lost much more, and has a chance to redeem himself. It is unfortunate (for my team) that he would be playing for the Eagles and at the same division. But, there's no doubt that it would be a great and inspiring story if he succeeds though (which is something I would always root for).

Just hoping for the best. Time will only tell...


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