The Hottest Team in Baseball is...

(Dare I say...) The Washington Nationals???

A team, which earlier in the year, was the laughing stock of baseball when they found out new ways to "drop balls" (literally and figuratively) and lose games. Not to mention, also humiliate themselves off the field, with embarrassing signings (of players past their prime, as well as those who will never be), and by not knowing how to spell their own team name as well as that of the 26th president (while further making a joke out of a proud and tough president by not letting him ever win the President's Race).

Who would've thought they would've managed to pull of 8 wins in a row? I'm not sure how long this will last (and it may probably end pretty soon), but I might as well enjoy it while it's here!

Just goes to show... anything is possible, and if you think that even the lowest situations aren't capable of a little greatness... just look at how the Nats have been playing during the past week. (Another example of "Out-of-the-Box Empowerment", ha!). ;-)


(Just to clear things up, this blog may make me look like a "bandwagon" fan. To the contrary, I have always supported the Nats ever since they came to DC. As if the numerous "DC" caps aren't a dead giveaway, I've also attended a bunch of games. I will admit though, it has been embarrassingly tough being a Nats fan this year, and it's been tough to talk about them.)

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