Something Great to Start the Week...

To get the week off to a right start, I want to share something. The following was actually read in my church this morning, and it actually caught my attention. It's called "True Poverty" which is from a monologue called "First Person Singular". (Written by Judith I. Keefe)

I was full of hope;
The day shone bright and true-
I saw someone approaching,
And I smiled to share my joy!

I smiled to her;
I smiled at her;
I wanted to smile with her-

But she looked at me
And looked away,
And no part of a smile
Fair touched her face at all...

What wrenching, awful poverty
To be so poor
As to have
Not even a smile
To give away.

Closing thoughts... don't be that "poor" person and be part of this "True Poverty". When you go about your week, have that smile to give away and share, and you'll be adding value to those around you!!! (as well as yourself). :-)


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