Analyze this Joseph!

I had two bizarre dreams last night... one that was weird that is kind of symbolic that you would only see out of a horror movie, and one that needed closure. Many times, I have a lot of weird dreams, but I normally don't blog about them because it's usually something I like to keep private, or I forget about 75% of my dream the moment I wake up. But, since I decided to do this blog challenge, I figured I'd share them. I woke up a few hours ago, so I better get these down before my mind completely clears them out...

In my first dream, we had a bulk trash pick-up scheduled for my house. I went out to check if I placed everything down on the curb, and when I looked down, I saw a big dead rat. It looked gross, so I just paid it no mind. Then all of a sudden, when I looked up, I saw another big dead rat nailed to a tree by the tail. I walked around my yard, and saw dead rats hanging everywhere from my trees to my garden, with either their tail nailed to a tree, or tied to a stick. Then when I went inside my house to try to call the police (because this might have been a possible hate crime), I happened to see one more rat hanging on the plastic plant beside the big screen TV in my family room. I was by then pretty freaked out... then all of a sudden, things went black and dream 1 ended.

Then off to my second dream. I was in an unfamiliar place. Apparently, I lived near the water, and I had a friend named Tony (whom I haven't met yet in real life), who apparently was a good friend of mine. There was another friend named Becca (whom I also haven't met yet) who apparently was also close to me. Looks-wise, she was quite the looker, and she had hazel eyes and a small mouth with her hair tied back, along with a nice figure in a 5'3"-5'5" frame. Ethnicity-wise, she looked like she was a cross of Italian, Indian, and Latina. In this dream, Becca and Tony were about to "hook up" and possibly start a relationship. Then all of a sudden, when Becca stepped out, Tony's family showed up and we talked on the deck outside. His family reminded me of my own family (minus my older brother with his family), with his mom being middle-aged (but still beautiful in her own right) and his younger brother being the rugged, yet witty personality (which reminded me of my brother Angelico). They even had two dogs, which kind of reminded me of my two cats. Tony's family members were nameless in my dream (either that, or I forgot their names when I woke up). 

His family was trying to talk him out of hooking up with Becca, and he agreed, saying in the back of his mind, he didn't feel it was right since he might hurt her. Then all of them turned to me, they said I should be the one who should be with Becca, since I have more of the personality that she deserves. I was surprised, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking the same thing. Then I went inside to see what Becca was up to, because she was probably waiting for Tony. She walked out to the room where I was, and asked me where Tony was, and I told her that he was talking to his family who unexpectedly showed up out of nowhere. She didn't believe me, so she looked outside, and saw Tony's family about to leave waving to her, which left a shocked look in her face. Then when Tony went inside, he told her he wasn't going to start a relationship with her, and gave an endorsement for a relationship with me, saying that I was overall the better guy for her. From reading her face, it looked shocked yet somewhat ecstatic, but when we were about to get her reaction, I wake up!

Now, I'm not sure what these dreams mean or if they even have a meaning at all. Like I said, normally, I don't share these weird dreams because they probably shouldn't be shared (well a lot of them anyway) and/or I usually forget a lot of it the moment I wake up, but I remembered enough of these particular dreams that it left me a weird feeling upon waking up, so I thought it might be good to have a record of it. Not to mention, I thought it was good to get it down here in case I have a moment in the future, and I can look back and see if it might relate to these dreams. Who knows, maybe these dreams could be another way to look at "Out-of-the-Box Empowerment". 

So if you happen to have any thoughts or want to do your biblical Joseph "dream analyzing" impersonation, please feel free to do so. If there are thoughts, I REALLY would LOVE to hear them.

D4P... PD!!!

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