Much Needed Break... But I'm Back!!! (With An Upcoming Surprise)

In case you may have not noticed, I have taken a weekend break from blogging. It was mostly because I had a full weekend, getting reacquainted with my former classmates in my 10-year high school reunion with the Oxon Hill High School Class of 2000, as well as spending a little bit of time playing with my nephew and my niece.

But don't worry, I will get back to blogging all things motivation, all things insight, all things sport, all things life, all things "OBE". In fact, I want to make an announcement that I have something big planned for all my blog readers, as well as my friends in social media come labor day weekend. I will break the news exclusively here on this blog sometime during the span of the 3-day weekend.

What is it? You have to tune in to find out. But I promise you... it's gonna be rewarding, it's gonna be great, and it's gonna be ULTIMATE.

Until then... keep checking out the blog and reading the blog posts. I'll definitely continue to provide some good content.


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