Congrats to the Mystics!

Many people know that I am a huge supporter of the Washington DC professional sports scene. I get very excited when I see the teams here experience tremendous success. Sadly, with the exception of the Washington Capitals (who did well last season, only to disappoint in an early 1st round exit last year), it hasn't happened too much around this area, lately. However, today is a day to celebrate!

The women's professional basketball team in this city (the WNBA's Washington Mystics), are making the playoffs. Not only are they making the playoffs, but they clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference, meaning they increase their chances of advancing far because they will be playing most of their playoff games here in DC.

Women's basketball has never been as appealing and probably doesn't have the star power to draw like men's basketball, but women ball players are great and skillful athletes. Honestly, one of the best basketball games I ever remember seeing was a women's basketball college game (Maryland vs. Duke for the 2006 National Championship).

So, to sports fans in DC, I encourage you to support this team during their playoff run (either by going to the playoff games, or if not, watching them on your TV). This is the best shot of DC getting a professional championship in one of the "Big 4" sports since the Caps earlier this year, so they definitely can use your support. (Depending on when the games are, I am seriously thinking about showing up for a game or two).

So congrats to the Mystics basketball team, owner Shiela Johnson, Ted Leonsis, and everyone in Monumental Sports and Entertainment. They definitely faced adversities (with their star player Alana Beard being hurt all year), worked hard, and thrived throughout the year. Hopefully, they can bring a championship here to DC.


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