Failing is Okay...

In my previous post, I said that I felt that I failed in my first year back to blogging. I haven't kept up with the blog as much as I liked, and I haven't gave my readers as much as they deserved. Therefore, I felt that I failed.

But, this isn't the first time I failed at something. I was dyslexic when I grew up, and I had a lot of trouble reading and even comprehending. My brothers even gave me a very hard time when I had trouble reading the word "lamp". I got low grades in school. I even got a "D" in Work Habits when I was in 4th grade because I didn't do my homework. I didn't have many friends and was always picked on, and I was very mediocre in sports. When I was enrolled in Tae-Kwon-Do, it took me forever to get promoted to Yellow Belt. When I wrestled in high school, I was lazy and never worked hard as my brother. But all that was just from my early days.

In my later years, I failed a lot in my first few years in college, and ended up dropping a lot of classes, which ultimately slowed my graduation. I was rejected, let down, and heartbroken in the few female relationships that I've had. There were times when nobody would hire me for a job. I lost tons of money due to lousy investments, carelessness, or theft. And as someone who had learning disabilities, I wasn't good at speaking and expressing myself. That was especially tough, considering I wanted to be a motivational speaker. There were times that I felt I let a lot of people down and no one believed in me. There were even times when I felt like killing myself.

However, it's because I've experienced all of these failures, these heartbreaks, that I can come out and inspire people and be a motivational speaker. I know how it's like to keep getting knocked down, to disappoint people, and keep getting disappointed... yet still get back up and keep going.

Since those rough years, I've inspired many people of all kinds with my motivational messages. I've written books and CDs, and gave people new found hope and put smiles in the faces to those who've experienced them. And the main reason why, is because I've been told my messages had authenticity in them. Because I've failed so much in what I've done, and know heartbreak all too well... I can speak with my heart and whatever my message is, can be felt by those who hear it. And though I'm still not the most eloquent speaker in the world, people can feel me when I have something to say.

Therefore, I say it's okay to fail. Because your struggles, and your failures are what can help you shape the person that you are destined to be. As long you learn from your failures, work hard to correct them, and not continue to make them, then your so-called "set backs" can actually lead you to a better place.

That's why I'm writing in this blog. I realized that I failed my readers, and more importantly, myself, therefore, I'm working hard to correct it, and taking this step will not only make me more recognizable on the Internet, but will help me better express myself (even moreso), which will ultimately lead me to become a better person.

So next time you fail, don't get down on yourself. Consider it as a possible blessing, because it could lead you to a better place. 

I don't want to end this blog entry in a cliche manner, but I really want to say something that's always stuck with me. "Sometimes, you have to fall really hard to truly learn how to get up and stand tall." So think about that next time you feel a little down on yourself.


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