Last Day of the "Challenge"

When July ended, I decided to post at least one blog every day for 14 days to get back into the habit of blogging and open self-expression. I truly believe that effective self-expression is a good, consistent, and effective way to know yourself better, and is an over all healthy for your own being in general. Not to mention, it's good to do for me, because doing consistent blogs helps get my name out there more, and will overall increase my internet presence. Everyday blogs, videos, and tweets are a great way to do that. (And since I'm still not completely sold and believe in twitter yet, and I haven't had much chances to do videos, I decided to choose blogs to increase my internet presence.)

But during these past 14 days, I have kept my promise, posting at least 1 blog everyday since August 1st, with a total of 15 blogs total. I know I could have done better, but I felt I've done well in holding my end of the bargain. Though my posts weren't numerous, I did feel they weren't short of content and insight, and many who did read them got a good amount out of them. 

Although this challenge is over, would I continue to blog every day? I hope so! I will probably take tomorrow off though, considering I have a full day tomorrow. I'm also spending time with my niece and nephew the whole weekend (and for those with kids, you would know it's hard enough to get things done when their needs to be met). But after that, I hope to continue my consistent blogging parade again to keep my consistency of expression goin.

But like I said, when you make a commitment or a promise (whether it be to yourself, or to someone else), you must do all you can to keep that promise. By doing that challenge, I wanted to show that I truly am one of those who really put my words into action, and not just some hypocrite who just says stuff.

So with that, I just want to thank everyone who's been reading during the past 15 days. I have gotten a good amount of feedback and it's good to know that I have some consistent readers over all. And with that, it will give me even more of a reason to keep blogging. So if you're reading this... THANK YOU! (You know who you are).

Until next time, with even more awesome blogging. But as of now, I have to get back to babysitting.


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