Die a Little Bit...

‎"Sometimes you have to die a little bit to truly live"

I posted that quote yesterday in Facebook, when it randomly popped up in my mind. I'm not sure exactly where the true source of this quote was, or if it was just created by my subconscious mind. But, I've been thinking about this quote the whole day, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was profound.

I won't elaborate too much on it on this blog (considering that when I share a quote, I believe the listener should let it sink in before any analysis takes place). But, I will say, that every time a part of you "dies", there will be somewhat of a change in you (good or bad), and that change in your being can ultimately help your life become more interesting, either for better or for worse, which will truly help you "live". 

That's what I think of the quote, so take it as is. You may have a similar, or even a different interpretation of it, but whatever you may think of it... you may agree with me that it is a rather deep quote that you can write forever about.

I will end this entry with another quote...

"That which does not kill you will make you stronger."

This quote is well-known, and paraphrased in many different forms. I think this quote is somewhat related. I do believe "dying a little bit" doesn't mean dying completely... and since "dying a little bit" won't "kill you"... it will only make you stronger so you can truly live.

Make sense? Just think about it a bit.


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