An Oxon Hill Clipper... 10 years after

I'm actually trying to write this as I'm watching the Redskins preseason game against the Ravens (while tweeting), so I will try to keep this decently short.

I just realized that in one week, my high school reunion will take place. Wow! Thinking about that makes me feel a little bit old.

As I look back to my journey during the past 10 years, I honestly can't believe the road I have taken. Despite some skepticism and some naysayers, I just have to look back and saw... WOW, I have grown a lot (as a person, but not so much in height, hehehe).

I was a top student in an "urban" high school minutes away from the DC. Graduated top 10%, in the Honors Society, and I was part of "It's Acadmic" (our school's "quiz show" club) so I liked to think I was pretty smart. Honestly, I was sort of a nerd.

And although I wrestled for 3 years in high school, and I stayed in decent shape usually by lifting after school, it was more evident I was a nerd. A shy, timid, quiet, nerd at that. (I couldn't even muster up the courage to ask the girl I wanted to ask to prom). I never hung out in any cliques, I was sort of an outcast, and my circle of friends consisted of my wrestling teammates, and the few I still see often today. But despite all this, I would say I wasn't really "teased" considering some people confused my quietness for a small sign of psychosis. I was still considered an athlete. If you ask me then what I thought I would go through in the next 10 years... I would have said I would be creating video games or designing computer programs. I never would've thought I'd be where I am now.

It blows my mind that I'm a motivational speaker now. Like I said, I couldn't even ask a girl out to prom 10 years ago. Now I'm spreading messages of good will through speeches, books, and internet videos. And by doing this, I even got to connect with some "important" people which includes best-selling authors, millionaires, award winning television personalities, and even gorgeous magazine models. (Not bad for a shy timid nerd, lol).

It has been an interesting journey in the past 10 years, filled with a roller-coaster of emotions and pivotal events to shape me to the person I am today. And the funny thing is, I still have ways to go, and even more "changes" to partake in. I have plenty of life goals that I still want to accomplish, but who knows if those goals will change in another 10 years. Like I said, I probably would have been a computer programmer (probably a portly one), if I stayed on the same goal I had 10 years ago.

I don't really say all this to brag, because I don't think I have accomplished much yet (to my standards). Honestly, what I am really interested in, is seeing how well my other classmates are turning out. I'm sure a lot of them even accomplished much more than I have, and gone much further from where they were in high school. A lot of my former classmates, are also my friends in Facebook, and a handful of them are settled with their own families... which I consider extremely huge accomplishments. I am very anxious to see where everyone has come. I am also wondering if the girl I was afraid to ask out 10 years ago will be there, lol.

It should be an interesting reunion weekend next weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing not only old friends, but everyone else. It should be a treat to see everyone after 10 years. 


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