Well, it was one year ago to this date, that I launched this blog "OBE's Dose". It only seemed like yesterday when I decided that I will start blogging again.

As far as the first year goes, I am a little bit disappointed in myself that I didn't post here a lot more. I posted a lot during the first few days, and things started to slow down from there (sort of like a "honeymoon period").

My goals for this blog was for it to be an outlet for "Out-of-the-Box Empowerment". I wanted it to be a vehicle for my motivational ventures, but at the same time, I wanted to use it as an outlet for expressing myself, as well as my opinions about several topics, whether it be the ones I'm interested in, or some various topics taking place in current events. So whether I'm empowering others through motivational postings, or empowering myself through expression, that's the purpose I wanted to serve with this blog...

But so far in this first year, I felt I have failed at all that. I can promise you that I hope to do a lot better in this next year, and I can pique your interests in whatever is going on in this world, or my world.

But since today is the so called 1-year "bloggiversary" I want to do something special. I don't know if I'll go crazy and write long posts when I launched this blog last year... but I do plan to do at least one more post for the day. So, if you're reading this... tune in later today for at least another post. ;-)


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